The Name Game: WoW

“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”
― W.C. Fields

The Name Game: WoW

Not often enough do we play the Name Game. Sitting in Vent, on headset, with your fellow raiders and it can come up, “why did you name yourself with that?”.

The stories behind the names are great. Some players have a theme for all of their characters. Our guildie Gray (his last name is Grayson) has all his alliance named with Gray in it; Graybeast, Grayblink, etc. All his horde characters are variation spellings on Star Wars names.

When I first started playing WoW, I didn’t know how big it was nor how long I’d keep my names. I think everyone goes through that until they are exposed to a Massively Multiplayer game. My first thoughts were like everyone else: I’m an elf and a hunter, how about Legolas?

As it turns out, it is a gaffe to use such a name. Even worse is xxxlegolasxxx or legolaslol.
The same with integrating your class is lame: Tankster or Healsforyou is pretty rough. I usually laugh at someone with a Tank name who is doing DPS, I guess it didn’t work out so well.

Nor does one put Healer in their name if they are doing PvP. It is such a target! Not-so-smart but we see it all of the time.

Some names are unfortunate because they get shortened. We have a player named Tirdaulette. We call him Turd. I named a hunter named after a dps spell, Scattered. Well, hello Scat.

There are even addons to help clarify who you are. You can be Lilman (Frosty), so everyone knows who you are; in your guild, raid, dungeon. That way you can have a Main Name to layer on top of all your variations and you can declare how you want to be addressed.

I almost always call a person by the name of the toon that they are on. I raid with a team that calls the healer (Seyia) by their original name (Tava). It took me months to figure out who was who and I think unfairly inclusive of that group.

So, the Name Game. Play it with your friends next time you are camping in Vent and passing the time. Why did you choose your name?


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