Topic 11: Show Off Your Alts

“Silence is a source of great strength.”
Lao Tzu

Topic 11: Show off your Alts.

Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge

Today, we test our sanity in the World of Warcraft.

Wrathsome, Night Elf Druid, 110
Herbalism, Engineering, Healer
20755 Achievement Points
/played 314 days; 34 days at this level


Scaresome, Night Elf Hunter, 110
Mining, Engineering
For the first time in years, Scaresome is not raid-ready.
Scaresome has been the Explorer and done the Rep Grinds, collected mounts and pets. He was the player in the world while Wrath was the group player; Legion has changed that.

Feignlove, Night Elf Hunter, 110
Alchemy, Inscription
Supplies Wrathsome with Spirit Cauldrons and Flasks and Potions

Mockery, Night Elf Druid, 110
Herbalism, Mining
Supplies Herbs to Feignlove, Ore to Wrathsome

Toothsome, Worgen Hunter, 103
Skinning (worgen racial), Leatherworking
Supplies Skins to Feignlove for the Transmute Daily

Dimsome, Pandarian Hunter, 100
Tailor, Enchanter
Still making Hexweave Bags to sell and Disenchanting Legion greens.

Elunestrikes, Night Elf Warrior, 100
Tailor, Blacksmith
Still making Hexweave Bags to sell.

Argusdreamed, Draenei Mage, 100
Bank Alt in Iron Forge and Holiday toon.

Gnawsome, Dwarf Rogue, 100
Owner of a Solo Guild Vault

Alacrity, Draenei Priest, 105
Making Hexweave Bags, parked in SMV at the pet tamer Ashlei
NB: I loved playing Holy Priest.

Shotzie, Horde Goblin Hunter, 100

Sunfisher, Hunter 105
Parked at Crysa. Has gotten the Albino Buzzard but just keeps going.

Temerity, Holy Paladin, 100
Garrison Gold Mission Farmer; on hiatus

Corruptsome, Warlock, 100
Garrison Gold Mission Farmer; on hiatus

Fineinn, Ench. Shaman, 67
Leveled during the Invasions.

Fallenpetal, Pandaren Monk, 37
Member of a friend’s Sold Guild Vault

Rascal, Night Elf, 1
Member of another friend’s Solo Guild Vault

As you can see, I have dedicated profession Alts who do not play; just craft. Every character at 100 or above was running gold missions in WoD.