A World of Warcraft blog on my adventures in the game and with my wonderful guild.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Found this site googling info for my Vulpera Hunter on cooking in Uldum..So well written, fun facts..cannot wait for more into on Shadowlands..Sarim..

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  2. I would like your opinion on the best healing add on..I used to heal on my druid a long time ago..would like to try again..need to get brave and just do it!…love the macros posted..want the little miimii pet so cute..Enjoy all the tips such fun..thank you! Sarim


  3. so true about the lull going on now in game..I am still trying to sell what I can on the ah..I dont think I will make the 5milion for the mount lol..Please do compose an article in the future about the drop from Kill Saw..that toy looks amazing..Enjoy your articles makes the time until shadowlands interesting.
    Sarim (Hydraxis)

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