Our Guild Event #2

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Our Guild Event #2

Last night was the second of five guild events.

This time, we took our now level 10 human paladins to old Dalaran. Since in week one our task was to collect a Senegal, now we had to teach our pet to fly.

Standing on the ledge, we looked down, way down, to a raid marker in the Crystalsong Forest. It was a colorful blob. Then, we had to decide whether to step off or run and jump or to try it from an angle to land … to our hilarious death … near the marker.

The closest got more points and the farther away got less points. Once tallied, we’d release and get mage ported back up and off we’d go to a different placement; one nasty choice was on the side of a snowy mountain where, if you missed, you’d slide farther away.

Five times we leapt to our markers. No, I did not win. Not even close. But, man, did we laugh.

It appears that several of our players have been leaping off tall things for years, it is fun, they love it. They were very good at guessing how to hit something way, way, way below us.

What will the next event be? I can’t wait!


Eight Weeks to Launch

“Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.”
Aldous Huxley

Eight Weeks to Launch

A lot of my favorite bloggers are posting their progress and/or anticipation of the new expansion. All of them are far more organized than me. Thankfully, they are writers and are posting their considerations for the future which is helpful to us laymen.

I was talking to a friend who is playing in the Beta and he was talking about The Five Second Pull. He explained how important the beginning of each fight is because of the Global Cool Down. The pre-pot has no GCD but his first five spells, well, each one takes 1.5 seconds to cool down; the waiting is super clunky but also doing them in the right order is critical.

The Top Dogs in Mythic Plus will have many characters ready to play because no one knows which class will be the top for months to come:
“A lot gets made of the “M+ meta”, but realistically that meta isn’t going to start taking shape immediately in BFA. People will have some ideas about which classes are strong and which ones aren’t, but class balancing will still be occurring up to and through the release of BFA. You can expect at least a few tweaks even as late as the week of mythic Uldir release. Until Blizzard is done making adjustments to classes, it will be impossible to say which classes will stand atop the M+ mountain.”
You can read the entire article here.

It was chilling for the author to remind us that the affliction warlock was unplayable until Nighthold!

I need to remind myself how easy it is to switch to a different Main. While I may be currently geared in heroic tier, all that will be replaced around level 116; just a few days of leveling.

My guess is that a lot is going to be written on the Global Cool Down. Spreading out our spells will allow us to see the pretty animations for each spell. It is a very big change to our core play-style and while we might get used to it in the pre-patch, I wonder if we’ll still have the fun of mashing buttons! Will the go-go-go-go be gone?




Gold: Lull Edition

“Nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness, except greed.”
Thomas Harris

Gold: Lull Edition

I’m not a huge fan of the gold mini-game. It could be fun to set up the Trade Skill Master addon and follow the Undermine Journal except that I’d rather play different aspects of the game than doing that.

Gold Making feels like an old thing in WoW. Today we earn plenty of gold by playing the designed game and can buy almost anything that we’d need to improve our character. The idea of visiting a gold seller to buy high-end gear feels like a very old idea. The game is designed differently.

But there is the gold sink mount in Battle of Azeroth.

I am too late to the gold party to make it but I’m willing to try. I’ve looked at some of the gold-making advice and one of the top things is simple: run gold missions on many Alts.

And I didn’t really finish all of my Alts. Many I played until I got what I wanted and dropped them. Many of you probably did complete the process and are sitting on a lot of potential.

I currently have 3.4 million across my characters on my realm. So many of them are sitting on the gold, uncollected, from the WoD heyday. If I could possibly ding six million before BfA, I’d happily drop five million on the mount and not be bankrupt going into a new expac. If I am at five or less (very likely), I’ll earn up the rep and buy it later with the discount.

I have three characters tricked out enough to do 200% gold missions and I can try to remember to look for gold missions on the board. Maybe once in the morning and again sometime later in the afternoon or nighttime.

Once upon a time, I played a game that I called Gold Rush. I’d dump the hundreds of different items that I’d stockpiled for crafting into the AH. They’d sell or come back and I’d toss them up again; especially on the weekend. However, the days of needing the older materials are gone — tailors don’t need netherweave to level up their skills any more. But, someone might need Titansteel: we’ll have to find out.

Speculation is that the gold missions will be nerfed either at the pre-patch or certainly at the drop; so during this lull I might as well exploit it as best that I can and maybe I can buy a gold sink mount someday!

Gold Sink: Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

“There can be economy only where there is efficiency.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Gold Sink: Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

I’m glad that the Battle of Azeroth has a practical gold sink mount. It sure beats an ostentatious spider. The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur costs five million gold or at a discount for four million gold when exalted by the Proudmoore Admirality.

I wondered out loud on Discord why anyone would want this mount. I have a Bank Alt in Iron Forge who happily runs from the AH to the mail box. I could hear the shoulders shrug as my guild master stated the obvious, “to go shopping”.

Instead of a few Auction Houses in a few major cities, imagine them on every corner like kiosks. Imagine killing time waiting for a queue to drop for the LFR while waiting in New Dalaran; typically you’d chat or even read some blogs. But, instead, you have 39 pieces of cloth, might as well toss them up on the AH.

This could change our economy for the positive. Instead of waiting for un-needed mats to stack to 200, toss ’em up now. Or waiting for a raid, shopping for that pet that you don’t own. Need some flasks? How about a gem or two? Where you might have stalled or waited, it is right there in front of you.

If you are like me, I have a lot of mats in my bank for no reason other than they might have some value. Many I have no use for, like cloth or ore, they showed up from some World Quest when I wasn’t paying attention.

This could lead to a much more lively economy, driving prices down and making goods easier to obtain. Which leads to us having more fun in the World of Warcraft!


The Battle for Azeroth and My Mom

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

Mark Twain

The Battle for Azeroth and My Mom

Once upon a time, I had visited my folks for Christmas and was preparing to drive back to Los Angeles. My Mom handed me a small Ziploc baggie with a candle and a book of matches. She said, “Put this in your glove compartment. If you end up in a snowdrift in the middle of the night, one candle can keep you alive”.

The odds of me ending up in a snowdrift are pretty high. On the other hand, the effort to toss a baggie in my car is pretty low. But, in the end, it could make all of the difference: life and death.

Having a great Mom like that impacted my life, like all Moms do. And, I wish that I could have learned more from her planning and pre-planning for life. She thought ahead and executed, sometimes that effort can be very small but the results can be mighty.

I have a bank alt with its own guild, just like you do. It has rows of cloth but now-a-days you don’t need old cloth to level up a new tailor. It also has tab dedicated to storing Hexweave Bags for many reasons. It also has a tab called Legion Leveling.

Prior to the launch of Legion I stocked up on things that I thought I’d need. And, I’ve not really thought about that tab for a couple of years. In it now are some left-over foods to regain health and some Felmouth Frenzy. Gone are the rows and rows of Goblin Glider kits and Drums of Fury.

Having Goblin Glider kits made a huge difference when getting around the starting zones in Legion. For about a year I was grateful to my pre-planning before the launch of Legion and it was … uh … smooth sailing.

So. What did I learn from that idea? First of all; we’ll be fine. The first year in BfA will be ground-bound and we’ll macro a bunch of toys to the Water Strider mount. We probably won’t need buff food from Legion or bandages or anything like that.

Pre-planning for a new expansion is always worth it because the effort to do so is small but the results could be mighty. Or not.

While exploring the new lands and questing and leveling and sight-seeing, I’ll also be keeping an eye on:

  • Herbing areas and picking-paths to build an alchemist and inscriptionist. I’ll want a pair of gloves with the herbing enchant asap.
  • Mining areas to build my engineer.
  • Reading some profession guides on my crafters so I don’t blow through mats needlessly to get to what I want to make repeatedly.
  • Find my favorite areas to fish: ease of access, lack of danger, plentiful pools.
  • It will be a race and a hard-core race at that to be able to have some stacks of Bountiful Captain’s Feast for raiding in three weeks.
  • And on and on and on.

How do you start an expansion? Do you mount up and ride to open all of the Flight Points? Or do you take that first quest and simply begin?

Do you have a stack of Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow and Drums of Fury and Glider Kits to smooth the ride? Or do you enter a new land with open eyes and empty bags?

My Mom would probably make some rows of Goblin Glider Kits and stack them in a bank alt tab, just in case. Even if they go grey at launch, the effort is minimal but the difference could be mighty. I think that I’ll do that too.

Recipe: Bountiful Captain’s Feast

“My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.”
Cary Grant

Recipe: Bountiful Captain’s Feast

Before Legion, when asked about potions, flasks and buff foods; Ion dismissed it and brushed it away as something only those who min/max use. My experience is that the raid team really wants buffs of all kinds.

NB: the following is all gleaned from Wowhead’s Battle for Azeroth data-mining.
Today’s date is: June 15, 2018

The best feast food is called Bountiful Captain’s Feast featuring a whopping 91 to your main stat.


Like most recipes in BfA, it is locked behind reputation. I see that we can buy rank two at honored and rank three at revered so I assume that rank one is friendly with the Tortollan Seekers. The vendor is Collector Kojo and, it seems, can be found in many of the zones.

Let’s look at the mats:


Left to right, the Redtail Loach is a fish and the Frenzied Fangtooth is also a fish.

Stringy Loins are farmed off of Hexthralled Courser, found in Drustvar.


Meaty Haunch is farmed off of the Sharptail Beaver in Tiragarde Sound.


We also have to cook up a bunch of Kul Tiramisu. It looks like Wild Flour and Foosaka are purchased cooking mats. The Major’s Frothy Coffee is found at the Cupola Cafe in our capital and the Fish Oil is from “using” the fish that we fish up.


The same is with Mon’Dazi. These mats seem to all be purchasable and while I believe that you can purchase Fish Oil, we might as well “use” the fish that we have.


Finally we need Midnight Salmon. It is a bit of a mystery due to the flavor text of “These fish are most prominent during the later hours of the day”. One would guess night time and the open sea, but who knows.


At Rank One, to make a stack of 20 of these feasts, probably enough for one raid night we need 400 Redtail Loach, 400 Frenzied Fangtooth and so on and on. A lot of fishing and farming of mats!


  • There has been some talk about our mission followers being able to do fishing missions and coming back with nets full of fish.
  • The Underlight Angler will cast itself over to BfA, so we’ll have at least water-walking. My guess is that we’ll get new traits for BfA pools and that you can buy a model so no one has to go back to Legion to earn one.
  • The Hexthralled Courser and the Sharptail Beaver are both skinnable, so that might decide your choice of Alt Farmer.
  • At the Q&A yesterday, Ion said that the new raid would drop three weeks into BfA with the LFR and Mythic version one week after that. So, you have three weeks to get your rep up, buy the recipe, farm the mats and craft the feasts.
  • I didn’t even look at the cost of the cooking mats!

Our Guild Event

“I always thought that common sense would prevail. But on a game show, there is no common sense.”
Wayne Brady

Our Guild Event

Last night began the first of five guild events on Thursday nights. It has been and will be hosted by one of our members and has been a few months in the planning.

Our first was pretty fun:

  • We all had to make new level on human paladins and not move a step. Stacked up on top of each other for ten minutes while we waiting was great.
  • No heirlooms, no heirloom mount, no flight points, no gold.
  • Our task was to get to Booty Bay and buy the Senegal pet for 40 silver and return to Goldshire to turn in to our game leader.

Most of us got out our Enchanted Torch so that we’d look like a peasant mob. I regret forgetting to screen cap this stuff.

I did not win. Not even close.

I chose to earn my 40 silver by killing mobs like boars and spiders and vendoring. The hope was a green piece of gear to drop. I had zero luck but others did much better.

A few headed straight to Booty Bay, right through the heart of Stranglethorn and dying. Their hope was to beg some gold at the dock. Even with nekkid dancing, they were ignored; by accounts via Discord this was humiliating to much laughter.

The winner went to Stormwind, found a stranger who was on our realm and begged a gold. Then he went to Westfall and swam down to Booty Bay. He’d set his hearth in Goldshire and beat everyone by at least half-an-hour.

Players could also get points for Achievements. One player ignored the task and racked up quite a few points via achieves.

We rewarded first, second and third place winners with items that they chose from our Prize tab in the guild bank. Mostly toys, rare pets, mounts or stacks of flasks and then some odd bits like inky black potions etc.

The game master is throwing gold into the pot. For each participant, he tosses in 1000 gold. He’ll do this each week; so the final amount might be pretty high.

Next week the heirloom restrictions are off. We are tasked to reach level ten during this week so that we can be invited into a raid team. He’ll be porting us somewhere with his Mage. That’s all we know.

It is our hope to get even more friends to participate and really hurt his bank account!