Legendary System Fail

“I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time.”
Steven Wright

Legendary System Fail

Mind if I gripe a little bit?

These are all my legendary pieces that I can’t or wont use. Thirty-six of them. Three are tokens for characters I don’t play. But, I feel that I have to keep them in my bank storage. Not for a rainy day or if I want to change specs. I think that if I throw them away that I’ll get the same pieces again.


Now, I could just throw them ALL away and keep throwing out new legendary pieces. But, now that I get tokens for Alts; I’d like to get one for a character that would be delighted to have a legendary piece. Perhaps a new Allied Race that I’m leveling up to get a tmog set that only she can wear.

This system doesn’t work when I get tokens for Death Knights and Demon Hunters, two classes that I don’t play. It ramps up my frustration and forces me to use up bank space.

Am I looking at this wrong? Is there a solid solution that I am missing?


Dirty Dog Designers

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.”
Kurt Vonnegut

Dirty Dog Designers

Just when you think, “I did it!” they had a hidden achievement behind the achievement.


Thinking to be done with the pvp pet battle scene: just look at that title!

Druid Healing: Late Legion

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
Yogi Berra

Druid Healing: Late Legion

There is a fellow Druid on our raid team and we compare notes now and then. He is a super-smart guy with a real life job that has a security clearance. He explained to me the math behind crypto-currency one night. Yeah, that smart.

He is now using what he calls his Lazy Build. He is using the legendary chest and the Tearstone of Elune along with Soul of the Forest and Spring Blossoms. He casts Rejuvenation now and then but mainly he casts Wild Growth off of cooldown.

The chest supports our bonus set and has a ton of stats on it. The Tearstone can boost Wild Growth. Spring Blossoms is a boost to our mushroom.

His healing numbers are the same as mine. I am a more active healer using Germination and trying to anticipate damage. He said that his job is to do Druid Healing. The other healers, like a Holy Priest, should be chasing those with low health with their instant spells. It is almost a philosophy in healing.

I don’t think that I’ll change over to his style. This late in Legion, most of us have all of the legendary pieces and can move things around. And it is fun to change things around, especially as we face the same bosses over and over and know the choreographed encounters pretty well.

I like the role of Healer. And chasing down those with low health is part of the fun, even if it means being clumsy and spamming Regrowth because, while I love our Holy Priest: our group collectively can get caught in a bad spot. Whether the numbers are the same, I prefer to support individuals as well.

The point is: our healing as Druids can be done several ways and still be successful.


Brutal Pet Brawler

“Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski”
Nicholas Carr

Brutal Pet Brawler

Once you’ve finished Family Brawler, you might fall into the Brutal Pet Brawler trap. Pet battles have a rhythm to them that you can enjoy with the groove. Playing one more is kind of fun. With no rewards, not even a pet charm, it is hard to imagine me fighting again.


When it comes to massive time sinks in the World of Warcraft, I often see players say (with a sneer!) that they would not waste their time on such a task. My take is that it is all a waste of time and that is the point and that is why we are playing the World of Warcraft. There are zero tangible rewards for playing this game — except for the bonds of friendship.

I value the connections I’ve made with my guild mates. Our interactions are layered via bnet, discord, guild chat or a /wave as we run by. We have lively respectful discussions on, lately, the Bible, gun control and the second amendment, abortion, My Fair Lady on Broadway (the revival opened this week), how Pretty Woman parallels My Fair Lady and that George Bernard Shaw was an advocate for women’s rights. That was this week.

Dogs, cats, kids, wives, husbands, idiot bosses, snow, taxes, ice cream, Doritos vs Cheetos, mountain dew, work, vacation, rain, “thanks Obama”, tornadoes, that’s what she said, adult beverages, lag, latency, loading screens, wireless headsets and it’s too darn hot.

The players in my guild are from all over the United States. How welcome is a southern accent to those of us without? The educational range is wide from top to bottom but also side to side; a terrific span across points of views and levels of expertise.

The waste of time in the World of Warcraft is the reason we come back again and again to meet our fellows. Their awareness of my in-game goals, when met, are expressed with a “grats”. And often some jibe, “now that you are done with that, lets do rated battlegrounds”. Others, facing time sink achievements, can be supported by me; a needed caged pet, a healer in a mythic, a stack of flasks and so on. These things make the journey much easier and everyone playing has a fan base: our guild.

Near the end of Mists of Pandaria, with the year-long lull, my guild leader said that we had “played” Mists of Pandaria. We had done it all from Glory of the Pandaria Raider to Challenge runs to pet safaris to leveling alts. My guild leader wants to do that every expansion and relishes the time lulls in the late game when we, as a group, take the time to explore the tangents designed into the game.

The WoW Armory

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”
Stephen Hawking

The WoW Armory

What’s up with the Armory and are you happy with it?

I’d guess that you have your character bookmarked and visit now and then. The first page with our character on it is up-to-date. One would guess that it is because so many third-party sites like Ask Mr Robot rely on that page to do their calculations.

But, other areas are not kept up. Tottle is a strange checkered box.


And the achievements are not updated either. I think I’m 246/250 right now.


I also remember when the Armory would let you spin your character so you could see your transmog. There was even a time when you could use emotes like /train and /point.

The mount and pet collections are okay. I’d rather be able to click on an uncollected to find the source of it. And the Toy Box collection is ignored; which makes me very sad.

While Blizzard may want us always in the game, we certainly are not. However, I remember my lunch breaks at work and planning my stuff for a WoW evening. I’d even have a list of toys or pets or unfinished achievements that I’d make to plan out.

So, do you think Blizzard likes having an Armory page? It feels a bit neglected and skimpy to me.

BfA: Dev Q&A

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
Stephen Hawking

BfA: Dev Q&A

Today’s date is March 15, 2018.

First impressions:

I just watched the presentation by Watcher and Lore. They are using hand-held microphones now and they are not professional performers. I think that they should go back to the other microphones that could still capture them while they turned their heads.

Overall, my impression was that they are not going to screw it up. Many of the systems that are being advanced are tried and true or being simplified. This is not a tough new thing that they are trying in the next expansion.

I did not hear anything about what I want to know: can I level up and play in my heal spec like I did in Legion. It was odd and quirky and so unusual that I found it fun.

We need to look a lot more into how the new social channels will work for us. When the pre-expansion patch drops, 8.0, we will have these new features. It was reassuring to learn that the guild channel is the base and foundation channel. The new system, though, will allow a way to join other teams and get on their calendars or receive invites by the players making new channels … I think. This needs more research on my part.

As I’ve written in the past, I have not been happy with having a mission table in BfA. It will be much different. Their example of needing, in Legion, to do a twelve hour mission before taking the next step in a quest chain will be gone. It will be more of a place to spend resources as an outlet for stocked up resources rather than something necessary and vital to your progress.

Finally, aside from this Dev chat, I’ve looked briefly over the string changes posted by MMO in their data-mining and I see very little, if any, on healing changes. Going into Legion, they said that they thought Druid healing was in a good place. That’s all fine. But, we do like to get new stuff now and then!

Minutiae: Legion Lull Report

“And the days keeps on worryin’ me
There’s a hellhound on my trail, hellhound on my trail
Hellhound on my trail”

Robert Johnson

Minutiae: Legion Lull Report

How’s my healing?

healing healing2

I am competitive with other healers, including the vaunted Holy Priest. Eonar’s Compassion is proccing Emerald Blossom for about 6% of my heals. Stats are from the Heroic Felhounds last week.

How’s my raiding?
I’m pretty happy with our progress. It can be frustrating but I also know that we don’t want to finish too soon. Our raid leader has always been great (over the past three expansions) of pacing us so we keep the team together. It is more about us meeting and visiting than downing bosses, though that is important too.

I feel that having Heroic Burning Throne on farm by May might still be too soon. Especially if we won’t see BfA until September. Friends need a reason to meet up in the game.

How’s’ my pets?

I am 237/250 on pvp pet battle wins which will give me two achievements. Then all that will be left is What a Big Adventure and I’d have to be super bored to take that up again.

How’s my fishing?


How’s my PvP?

You know that we are in a lull when Uncle Wrath starts to do PvP. We have a loose Friday night team of about five players who pug in some more to do 10 v 10 rated battlegrounds.

We think that because our leader has such a high rating that that is why we are facing such tough teams. This next week, I will lead with my low 380 rating and hope that the match-making shows us teams like our own skill level and experience.

How’s my Lull-a-bys?

My void elf hunter is still abandoned in Northern Stranglethorn. My 110 rogue still needs to start the class hall stuff for the mount. And I’ve not been back to Ulduar for a mount run in about a month.