WoW: Faction Tagging

“If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.”
Katharine Hepburn

WoW: Faction Tagging

In general, I think that Blizzard has gotten pretty good on their choices on which mobs can be tagged by a player and it becomes exclusive to that faction. The mobs around a boss are okay as long as long as the boss can be shared.


In Legion there were some world quest mobs that would faction tag and that was super annoying when waiting for a spawn and missing the tag over and over again.

I remember that, for Legion, I made a macro and added to the list the name of the mob as time went on.


So, that macro would cover many different world quests with specific mob names. I’d spam that button hoping my insta-cast would tag it.

We don’t see that much in BfA because it was bad game play. A single player can troll a large group of the opposite faction out of spite or pettiness.

So far there is only one spot that faction tagging drives me nuts. It is on Mechagon and in the screenshot above. You know the spot, you can do a daily turn of of 30 springs and some other stuff.

Sometimes there are plenty of people there, like at the beginning of a patch, and there is a grand AoE fest of both sides dragging mobs to share damages.

But, when it is just two players, for me, it is hopeless. It is a designed farm spot but the mobs are not plentiful like, say, the quillrats for meaty haunch drops. I guess that I’m not aggressive enough to compete for such a small reward.


Free T-Shirt Day

“The 1960s was an era of big thoughts. And yet, amazingly, each of these thoughts could fit on a T-shirt.”
P. J. O’Rourke

Free T-Shirt Day

Today only, there is a NPC that is walking around the Dwarven District with a t-shirt cannon. You pick them up in a parade of players who insist on having their pets out and on their mounts.

I collected about ten new looks. You also get a “free t-shirt” item that you click on and get a t-shirt title good for five days. This is inline with the other micro-holidays and I assume the title will go away.


That is what I look like now with my buff.

I also took a trip to Shatt, Light’s Hope and Grizzly Hills (Dreamwalk for the second two) to get some unique ones. And then I was done with the holiday. I know that there are few more unique tees to be had but I am content to have participated.

Give it a go, it is kinda fun.

Classic Naming

“Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.”
Lily Tomlin

Classic Naming

Yep, like everyone else we had to go get our names. On Discord there was a lot of chat about the dungeons and raids in Classic but I have zero intention of ever getting that far. Or trying anything so demanding and frustrating. No thanks.

However, I do have little plans, modest plans, vague plans to see some of WoW in it’s Classic version. Specifically I’d like to try hunter now that I know how to play hunter instead of the monster learning curve that I had when I started.

And, I have great memories of playing feral druid with prowl and pounce and all. It was fun to play. I was fast!

So, I have a hunter and a druid reserved. Both male and night elves.

Finding the cookie cutter talent trees should not be too hard.

My hunter plan is to start with a cat at level ten. Then when I hit twenty to go get a scorpion pet in The Barrens. Then when I ding thirty, to go find a tanking turtle somewhere. And then rotate three pets and keep them leveling with me. The cat would be a for a dungeon experience, the scorpion for pvp (and stacking poison!) and a turtle for questing about.

If I ever get that far.

I’m glad that they are doing it. And I’m glad that there is a Blizzard choice of something that I’ve paid for already to go do when I am absolutely sick and tired of our current game.

The Junkheap Drifter

“Gotta work on the nut behind the wheel before you start fixing bolts on the car”

The Junkheap Drifter

I got it today!

Managing to get at least one kill a day since the patch, one knows that this is a rare mount compounded by the wait time for a spawn.


I’m glad that I don’t have to wait on that hill anymore.

It is a cool mount and very unique. There will be a macro to fancy-it-up eventually but right now I can’t think of any toys that have sparks and dripping oil.

Gnomes have to stand on their toes and lean forward to drive this thing.



Another Week in WoW

“If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.”
Mark Twain

Another Week in WoW

“Okay, everyone, good job we are now in the next phase.”

“Someone, quick push the button on the console twice.”

“The button won’t push!”

“It is an extra action button now.”

“When did they hotfix that? Oh well, wipe it up.”

“How do the buttons work?”

I think we got eight to ten pulls on The Queen on Normal. It is a typical end-of-the-raid boss fight. The group has to learn phase one, then learn phase two and so on. By the time you are wiping (I mean learning) phase three it is eight minutes into the fight, so it can be rough time-wise.

The temptation is a strong one to swing down to Heroic and start the early bosses and get some better gear but, man, it’d be hard to drag the team back up to finish The Queen.

I’d like to get accomplished enough to see “heroic on farm” but those days in the game are long ago. The bored with that kind of thing become the squeaky wheels but I always felt satisfied.

Camping Rustfeather always reminds me of a James Thurber short story. It is about a kid who is chasing his dog and then someone chases him and so on until the entire town is running, someone shouts, “the dam broke!” but there is nothing there.

I think someone stops at the camp spot and then other and then people begin to see that and think it must be spawn time and you end up with 30 players sitting and doing nothing at all in WoW except ignoring it and waiting for the sounds to change.

It is a cool mount. The drop rate is low. And it must be thousands of players blowing off an hour (or less) a day doing nothing at all in WoW but camping. What a game.

Here is a screen shot from this week. I know, I know, it looks like the same from last week.


Fresh 120

“Reputation is rarely proportioned to virtue.”
Saint Francis de Sales

Fresh 120

If you have a lazy 110 sitting about, level that hardy soul up to 120 and enjoy a ton of boosts and catch-ups. It is a lot of fun.

My hunter dinged 120 and stepped into a Benthic set. I had earned and saved enough pieces to be choosy and picked the 3% Crit boots, for example.

I did the three emissary quests, opened Nazjatar and earned my socket in the neck piece. I went from neck level 6 to 35 is such a short period of time that I do feel powerful.

Watching the AP bar blow up might make you laugh out loud.

My rings and trinks are still at 210. That should be remedied soon via WQs. The big step is to rise up enough to do the LFR on the current raid.


But then what? The two rep grinds seem daunting. Collecting blueprints seems kind of silly with my main light-years ahead and the achievements are steps away.

Currently I have no plan for this guy and I don’t want him to be a time-sink in WoW.

Maybe I’ll just goof around.

But, the initial steps were very fun and if you get a chance, go for it!


WoW’s Balancing Act

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”
Dolly Parton

Our Balancing Act

It is like those guys in Vaudeville who could spin a bunch of plates on sticks.

I’m finding that in my dotage that I can’t keep track of all of the stuff that I want to do. That’s a good thing. I don’t run spreadsheets or know how to make them. But I do have goals.

I think Warmode, which I don’t do, is a terrific improvement to the game. While I really hate those flying guards over Mechagon, I understand why they are there.

My point is, this current game is excellent if you want to play for one hour a day. Staying alert in Warmode and avoiding angry flyers could be a lot of fun. But, when you swing past an hour of play time, those exciting things become a burden.

Some of my single-character friends are now up in the 60s with their neck pieces and showing their strength. While you may be swayed by rep or resources; the big boy is the neck piece and chasing AP is the game. It is not Alt friendly!

The more you spread yourself out with Alts (and I’ll have five at 120 very soon), the less time you have to chase AP. BUT, the content can still be done. It is only when you compare yourself with your friend’s output do you see how teetered it has tottered.

So, my Druid has his neck at 58 and feels behind. My soon-to-be 120 has a neck at level 6 — haha, that first world quest will be fun.

On one end, you can have a terrific time playing a couple of hours a day on your main. Or you can just not give a damn about that stuff and play all over the place. I like playing all over the place!