Glory of the Nathria … Whatever

Okay then. Our guild raid team got the AotC and decided to do an achievement run. Now, please remember that there is no title or mount for AotC on this raid. But there is a mount for the achievement run. And we got it. All in one night.

Looking through the achievement list, I have about 20 “Glory of” achievements, both dungeons and raids. Not all of them but I do go way back, I have Northrend Dungeonmaster dated at 2009. So I’ve played this achievement game.

We have addons now. That is a huge difference. In the many years past, we’d rely on some garbled and confusing comment on Wowhead on how to get an achievement on a specific boss. Then we’d try and maybe collectively wipe to reset our chance or sometimes you’d not know and kill the boss and not get it and have to wait for another week.

It seems that most raid achievements fall into two categories: Thank Your Tanks or Thank Your Healers. It is almost never a DPS thing, it is usually some task that can take a long time (with lots of long heals). And the typical move is to finish the heroic run and then go back to normal with your top-end gear to try these goofy things.

For Nathria, we have addons now. They list who has or has not “done the thing” like collecting flowers and then picking up anima orbs on the generals. A full description is built-in and can be posted in party chat if you want. And there is a big raid warning when it is okay to unload and dps the boss down. A lovely thing to have.

So, on Friday we did a full run in one night and got the mount. It was fun and festive as it should be. We are over-powered and cocky. It was fun automatically preparing for a punishing heroic mechanic and laughing when it’s not there at all in normal. It is very (very) good for our guild to get a big wall of achievements and a few cheers from the non-raiders.

The frustration is gone. The thrill is not as great. The group screen-cap outside the raid on our new mounts is always fun. Check it off of the to-do list for Shadowlands!


10,000 Polished Pet Charms achieved!

Now, that wasn’t so bad was it? When this next patch finally arrives I can buy my fancy cast-colors-on-me pet. I’ll macro it with /summonpet (and it’s name) with my mount and/or hearthstone. And it is account-wide, so even my lowbies can look special.

We got Heroic Sire down to 8% on Friday. It was funny because after that pull, several players just popped up out of nowhere! I guess they wanted the kill. And we didn’t get it. Not yet. This boss is loaded with painful mechanics, we feel that if we can get to phase three with everyone alive, we have a chance. Phase three is really really hard.

Mounts are starting to show up on my mission board. Level 60 missions and I’m not there yet. Now, let me tell ya, that is a fine carrot to dangle. I have a few adventurers who are mid-50s, so it will happen; someday.

And, I have one more stage on the Queen’s Conservatory to build. 15,000 anima sounds like a tacky lot but once done, I’ll be Done. Then the anima goes to cosmetics, as the game is designed. Ever faithful, I have many many Grateful Charms stocked up.

There is still plenty of game to play but I find myself, often, doing the Callings and pet battles and logging out. I’ll shift over to do Safari soon, I think.


More Polished Charms

It has taken nine days to earn 2400 battle pet polished charms. And there were a few times when I spent way too much time on it. So, lets be reasonable about it and do better at picking and choosing and time management. I am now right at 6000, stack height is 1000 (and they look pretty nice in my bank).

Confidence is high that I’ll reach 10,000 by the patch drop date and if I don’t; that’s okay too.

What has been surprising to me is the number of players still in BfA. The times I went over to Mechagon for a pet battle, the /general chat channel as been active. I see players in Boralus. Others must be doing the same as me when I see several players at a distant pet battle in Voldun.

I did a Throne of Thunder run and was very pleased to get the Son of Animas battle pet. This will be needed for one of the raid achievements in the Castle! So, a rare drop finally dropped. So you remember the rare spawn outside of the ToT raid entrance? I think it may drop a mount — there were eight players waiting for the spawn (I stopped and counted)!

So: I am reporting to you – it can feel like Shadowlands is empty with only a couple of players running around when you do stuff. Forget not that this is a huge game with many expansions and players are all over the place in the many different zones.

Spring as arrived, the rose bushes are in bloom.

10,000 Polished Pet Charms

I think that I’m the only one nuts enough to go for it. Here is the headline posted on Wowhead:

Special Rainbow Effects Added to Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm – 10,000 Polished Pet Charm Battle Pet.

No one I’ve talked to is going to try, they kind of scoff at the idea. But, I mean, really, why not?

Let’s take a tally. I am currently at 3650 PPC, a third of the way there. The patch is at least a month away. And I have Alts. Boy do I have Alts. I have three camped (or left behind) in Boralus and they don’t mind visiting Nazjatar or Mechagon or either of the two major zones. I have five characters in Shadowlands. I have three with engineering and can “pop” over to the two big BfA zones.

I can choose PPC as rewards off of the mission board now too.

So, I need 6350. The rewards seem to range from 15 to 20 charms, so lets say 15 for the math. I only need to do 423.333333333 pet battles that reward charms! To do it in 30 days, I’d need to do 14 a day (and that is a bit too much). So, let’s hope that the patch is longer than a month.

When you have this pet out, occasionally you get the prismatic rainbow buff on you. How can you resist?

So, am I the only one nuts enough to try for it? How about you?

WoW: My Failing Strategy

I need to re-think everything in how I play this World of Warcraft.

My initial strategy was to take four characters and assign them to each zone so that I could experience the game design. And, I was glad that there was not a horde version, four would do it.

And I am close, I have a character deep in the Night Fae and a second deep in the Bastion. I have one with a few campaign quests left in Maldraxxus and one character who just dinged 60 in Sinfall.

But, if I do a Calling that takes, let’s say, thirty minutes, then I’ll do that exact same run on my next toon and then the next and I am not ready to repeat on the fourth. And when I’m done on the third, I’m done playing.

My warning sign is that on my first toon I opened the final Anima Conductor last week and I’ve not gone to even check out the new stuff. There is a, so I’ve read, a Night Fae enhancement thing and a big nasty group boss; but I’ve never gone over to see.

So, somehow I guess, I need to park my third and fourth until I’ve served my first thoroughly. I do want to see what the game has to offer but I also want to raid and chase my professions. I’ve done all the pet battle stuff except Safari and some of the treasures will wait until flying. Its the tedious third (or fourth) go at the same set of WQs that is turning into “no fun”.

I need to re-think on how I want to spend my WoW time.

As of now, I’m thinking that once I complete all of the buildings on my first that I might be able to skip the Callings on that one and then focus on completing the next ones. But, I dunno.

PvP Pet Battles: Again

It feels like there is a bit of a lull in content right now. So I’ve picked up doing the PvP Pet Battles again. I’ve not played this stuff since at least the drop of this expansion. I run hot and cold. And, while I enjoy it, I’ll admit that I am really terrible at them!

Here is why I suck at pet battling:

  1. I don’t use addons. There are addons that will tell you your opponent’s spell choices and I don’t like the idea. It feels a little like cheating though it would more likely even the playing field.
  2. I loathe stock comps. There are plenty of websites that offer up some very powerful teams. I see them all of the time and if you feel like you need them to win, then I want you to. Running stock comps over and over to win a pet battle must fill some deep hole of insecurity and if you need a boost, so I am glad for you to have it.
  3. I have more fun making teams and trying them out than my need to win. I like trying the new pets of this expansion like (I think it’s called) the Death Seeker from Torghast. I like trying three Squirkys. It is silly and fun and different.
  4. I suck because I am impatient. The wait times can be up to five minutes for a single battle and even if I am herbing, holding my team’s moves in my head while waiting drives me nuts. So, I will quit and reset if it goes over two minutes.

So I am at it again. I am currently around 670 wins with level 25 pets. The goal is 1000 for the title and achievement. I think maybe by this time next year I’ll reach it.

Shame No More!

After my gear debacle over the past few months, I am back in the saddle again!

As expected I topped the meters (rolled it up and smoked it) on the Hungering Devourer. Having most of the raid team stacked on my mushroom, along with spring blossoms, is powerful and felt good.

Oddly, I was at the top on the Artificer too, though I can’t tell you why. I can only guess that as I Druid, I can move easily and still get some spells off.

Baby, it feels good to be doing it right again.

I’m So Embarrassed!

If you happen, by chance, to come across anyone in my guild or raid team; don’t tell them! As Inigo Montoya promised, “humiliations galore”.

Here’s what happened.

On Wednesday I finally got a weapon drop off of the Heroic Huntsman. This is a big deal. It was our eighth kill so it has been two months on the heroic version of the raid without a drop. We have something like twelve kills on the Huntsman on normal in which as some point I won the ilevel 200 version of the weapon. Months ago.

I have not really been stoked about my healing numbers. On our raid team I’ve been in the middle which is fine on one level. That we have a druid, a shaman, a priest and a monk as healers means that we compliment each other. But, I feel that I should be competing for the top shot on the farm bosses with low movement fights; specifically the Hungering Devourer. Shriekwing and the Artificer has people running all about with no time to camp in my mushroom with it’s spring blossoms. So, that is that.

Wednesday night, after the raid, I was tired but excited to turn in my weapon token. I was clicking on the choices, trying to figure out this new system and I chose one with good stats for me and the “are you sure?” box shows up with feral/guardian marked. Nope, I tried again and chose Restoration. Now newly enchanted, I equipped it and was content.

The next day, I decided to compare the two weapons and see how big of an upgrade it was. I opened my character pane and my bags and looked back and forth, nice uptick in stamina, merely okay on crit, mastery vs versatility, what can you do?

What about intellect.

I was shocked and my eyes got big. My old 200 weapon had zero intellect on it! Months ago I had chosen the feral/guardian version and never noticed! All of this time my big stat stick was lacking. Oh Em Gee! Thank Elune no one noticed while inspecting my gear (which we all do all of the time)! Being called out on that would have been a disaster! I can hear them laughing and even telling the story a year from now — but I was not caught! Whew! Don’t tell anyone.

Now, the good part of the story is that tomorrow I’ll show up with the proper weapon which means a huge +320 intellect stat that I did not have before. A massive upgrade over my mistake and, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement in my HPS numbers!

Shhhhh. We’ll keep this little mistake to ourselves, okay?

Renown Cap: Shadowlands

It feels strange to me in this part of the expansion. Typically we hit a lull with a nice slow-down in game-play when we collectively finish a campaign quest-line or something like that. And then we (or maybe just me) begin to swap to Alts and taking advantage of the catch-up mechanics built into the game.

But, with Renown having a cap, most of my Alts are already there! They sort of followed the leader. There doesn’t seem to be much of a hurry to get all of the covenant systems in place, the anima demand is finite and, in time, we’ll have an over-flow of anima to spend on all of the wonderful cosmetic items. So, getting that Anima Collector cooking soonish will deliver a stock-pile of the blessed gifts needed for those cosmetic purchases.

My fourth Alt is at 57 and destined for Revendreth. The plan was to see all four of the covenants in action and I am on my way. This guy is a life-time engineer and has all of the recipes and I don’t want to let them go. He is also a miner. My main is an engineer too (raid repairs) and an herbalist. My mini-main (who is raiding too) is alchemy and inscription. Finally my worgen is a skinner (for the leather stamina chest enchants for progression raiding) and a new enchanter. At-a-glance you can see that I use my Alts to feed my main.

Gold making is fun when it works. If a Calling gives an average of 1,900 gold a day and I do them on all four of my characters eventually, that’d be over 200,000 gold a month! Of course, I’d pick and choose so don’t count on that. My AH sales are fish and herbs and tomes of change-talent and from reading other’s blogs, I see many are reaching heroic Sire; so Vantus Runes will start to go up today. Thank Elune that we don’t have ranks!

The two raid teams that I’m involved with (one team I see once a week, the other I see twice; I’m a healer in one and a dps hunter in the other), they are both set on shriek, hunter, devourer, artificer and are sometimes-maybe on the sun king and the Lady. I am hoping that my team-mates who love mythic plus will start to strut in their 226 gear and push us beyond. In this, I am personally in no hurry, the next patch and raid are not even up on the PTR. Let’s keep playing.

But, it feels like we’ll be in this quasi-end game and waiting for the next content patch for a long time. Some achievements like the treasures will wait until flying but it might be time for the pet safari now. Many in my guild are doing the dungeon achievement runs now expecting the new patch to bring a big buff to the mobs in the dungeons. So, Alt leveling and profession leveling it is for now. Kind of ho-hum, really.

Unchain My Heart

Unchain my heart (unchain my heart)
Baby let me be (unchain my heart)
Unchain my heart (unchain my heart)
‘Cause you don’t care about me (unchain my heart)

Heh, I hope I got that song stuck in your head. It’s a good one. Ray Charles.

This new patch offered a new gizmo that you can buy which will make your Torghast run easier. It puts a portal at the beginning and at the end of the long chains that you run up and down to get buffs. You now skip the chain part and land into a bunch of waiting mobs (and that is okay).

This is a welcome change. I guess I am not the only one who has fallen off a chain or oh-so-plenty more. Any speed/movement buff will likely doom you. And, it would appear that Blizzard is paying attention and, we’d guess, that way too many deaths have come from the chains alone! So, they fixed it.

And if they are paying attention, then why not fix other things? There have to be world quests that no one will do twice. When we had the “do three WQs in Bastion” I looked at the map and said, “no, not that one. or that one. egads, never again on that one” until I found three that I was willing to do. And I know I could simply spread it over three days and do pet battles only; each zone always has a pet battle and they change every day.

I’ve stopped doing the Maw. I worry about that. Can’t they fix it and do they even know what sucks about it; maybe what I hate, they love? Where do they get their information? I’ve been to the forums and you’d have to pay me to read those posts; horrible title baits and foolish whining and empty threats, it is terrible. And, this worries me too, what if they did fix the Maw and I didn’t know it and those first impressions will keep me away?

But the real question is: why didn’t they fix the chains?

It could have been an escalator or a slide or have hand rails or a floaty parasol. But they didn’t fix the problem really. They added something to go around the problem. Maybe it was the easy low-cost way to go, adding some portals. But, I’m kind of offended by them.