Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone

“Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious.”
Will Rogers

Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone

And lovely it is!

The feet go up to make you float. You pull on a bow with a heart arrow, sparkles come from the tip, small hearts flitter and finally a big heart finishes the cast.

I don’t recommend any macro, this is spectacular enough as it is. I had early thoughts of sparkles and bubbles but it gets way too busy and messy.






Yes, I think this toy stands alone without any extras.


Blizzard on my Resume

“I was fresh out of drama school and had no idea what I was doing. They hustled me along and Bill Cosby tolerated my rookie behavior. It was great. Once you have ‘The Cosby Show’ on your resume, you can keep going.”
Michael Weatherly

Blizzard on my Resume

Everyone is talking and writing about the layoffs at Activision Blizzard. Eight percent of the workforce meaning almost 800 jobs.

It feels terrible to be let go and not treasured. Fortunately these decisions come from on high and so there is some distance to the pain, it is less personal.

There is good news.

  • The individual was not fired, it was part of a massive layoff so there is no suggestion of incompetence or bad chemistry.
  • The single person did not quit, something that is very hard to recover from.
  • Blizzard is a big name, well known; to have worked there is a big bonus.

If the employee was thinking of themselves as a hipster working in the gaming world, it might be hard to find another hipster job. But, to find another job in the field or industry may not be so hard given they are from Blizzard.

When you hear the cliché “it is who you know” it really is true. If I were leaving Blizzard this week, I’d have a general letter of recommendation from three of my bosses and Jeremy Feasel and permission to put their reference on my resume.

Let’s look at the two sides of applying for a job.

Assuming that the applicant has studied the employer and can enthuse on working there; how many times have I see an application only because there was a job opening but no clue what the place was all about?

Okay: let’s pretend that you are a costume designer and you want to work at my company. You want your best work at the top and you are proud of your designs for Swan Lake, the ballet. You have your portfolio of pictures and sketches and renderings and costs and calendars all professionally made up. Please, please look at my good work!

Okay: let’s pretend that I’m going to interview you. First of all, I don’t care about Swan Lake. Everyone has done Swan Lake and The Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters and The Death of a Salesman. One glance tells me that you put on a good show on stage and on your portfolio.

I’m looking for how I can connect with you so I can ask you questions. Maybe I know that theater that you worked in or the technical director for the space or the costume teacher at the local college, do you know him?

A good resume is loaded with names and places. It is a very small world out there. It feels like everyone knows everyone. Bash your last boss at your peril, don’t do it. You loved your past job and everything was awesome! Say that and your interviewer will think that you’ll say the same about this next job.

Every single job that I’ve ever had, they called me and offered. I’m not really that talented or zippy on technology or cutting edge. I’m a good guy that you can work with. I’ve made two resumes in my life, one to apply for graduate school and the other was for a job that I already had and they needed it complete a file.

It is part of being a pro to have references. I’ve been out of my world for five or six years now and I’m still getting calls from New York and LA, people are using me as a reference even today! And, I answer those calls and I’m honest.

Those guys who got laid off from Blizzard will have connections all over the place because others have passed through the place. No bitter tears, they will start making calls and let everyone know that they are available.

I saw a guy get hired because he made my boss laugh.

You have to shape it. People want to help, even if they are not hiring. Ask someone to make a call for you or think of who else to ask. There will be an assumption that you want the same job that you had; hipster gaming; you have to break that and say that you will travel or move or work in donuts because you have a passion for gaming AND donuts!

I think all these guys will land on their feet and have new jobs within six months.

Can I add one little bit? In the movie business and the touring business, you know that the gig is going to end. You immediately get on Unemployment. You earned it and it will carry you until the next movie or tour comes in three to six months. Not all gigs are forever!

Industry Standard.

Noblesse Oblige

“A noble man is led by woman’s gentle words.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Noblesse Oblige

It means “nobility demands” and suggests that those with power should take care of those with less. Or, sometimes, if you have a job title that it means that you have to go to work on your day off. I think you’ll find Corruptsome quite the noble with her opulent crown.


Rank 3 Mystical Cauldron. When they said “Uldir bosses” I had hoped that the tooltip had not been updated.

After running the LFR and raiding on Tuesday, I finally tried Uldir. After waiting over an hour for the queue to pop, I got it on the first boss.

I do want to talk a little about the Blizzard layoffs. I’ve read some good blog posts and I think I have a handle on what is going on.

If a MMO is like a music album, then a mobile game is like a single song. Much easier to make and much easier to hope for a hit. If you are a super star, those timed releases are a sure bet if the song is like the last one. But, maybe a MMO is not like a music album because we don’t really listen to music albums anymore.

Maybe a MMO is like a novel. Well-known writers get paid by the word and put out tomes, huge spy thrillers for example and everyone waits on the next book. Or you go the Amazon route and publish everyone and hope for that a 50 Shades of Grey to go viral.

I think that rather than to try and anticipate the next big thing like esports or to scramble to catch the last big thing like streaming that it is best to invest in a good, high quality game. Build your fan base and cater to it and not try to push it beyond it’s boundaries.

I think that is what is going on by laying off the support and investing in designers.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s go Raiding

“A bored child is a dull child.”
My Mom

Let’s Go Raiding

Yes, I’ve been reading about the very sad state of Beast Mastery hunters. It distresses me because I love that class. It is not fair that Blizzard is (doing bad stuff) all over the class. Feel free to insert bad words all over this paragraph.

I got lucky. During our Christmas break, I decided to level a Warlock for raiding because I felt that our team needed diversity and the utility of the summon portal. There was zero knowledge of where the class fit as far as damage dealing ranks.

It’s been one helluva road to travel. Gearing up and learning rotations and the plus and minuses of a new class has kept me very engaged in the game. For example, I changed specs from Affliction to Destruction and did not do well as far as numbers go — and then visited Warcraft Logs and found my problem (I had read the guide wrong on chaos bolt usage).

The first week of raiding on BoD normal was all about learning to stay alive. The raid was new and I was new to my class. Then the next week was about execution. And then again, on performance. Eventually it will be about nuance but that is on the horizon.

I am enthused to log in again. I want to spend time with my character. I ran the LFR this morning to practice my casting and using this very cool spell called Havoc. I have some talents to play around with and learn that might change depending on the fights or my solo emissary runs.

I recommend it. Picking a new class and getting to the mark of “raider” has been very fun and there is still a lot to do. On the other hand, my healer who plays with another raid team, logs in to see if the emissary is worth the time today.

I’ve been stubborn for almost a decade in sticking with my two classes; hunter and druid. This time, there was change and it has pulled me out of the dullness of daily play in WoW.

So: Love is in the Air

“Love is a better teacher than duty.”
Albert Einstein

So: Love is in the Air

A new holiday is upon us right on the heels of the Lunar Festival. Love is in the Air is up for about two weeks, you should be able to get done what you want to get done.

For those of you hunting the rare Big Love Rocket from the Chemical Bros. speed dungeon, I wish you luck. If you are Alt Running, the minimum level this year is 110. Anyone below that does not have a chance at the rocket.

The first thing to do is to get your Collecting Kit from a quest-giver, I got mine in Stormwind. This will give you a chance, about 30% I’d guess, at getting the tokens off of mobs which jump into your bags, no looting required. The tokens stack to 40 and it takes 10 to make a bracelet.

You can farm them if you want. I chose the murloc island in Val’Sharah as it is a questing zone with fast respawns. At my level of 120, these mobs dropped easily. I collected 80 tokens in about fifteen minutes, it seems.

Getting the currency has two ways that I know of. One is making a bracelet for each of the four leaders for a five currency return. I visited the Exodar, Iron Forge and Stormwind today, choosing not to do the “turn back time” thing in Darkshore. The second way is the dungeon.

Oh, I guess that you could do the daily quests of perfuming players. I’ll probably skip that part!

The Chemical Bros. gave me seven so I now have twenty-two of the currency. Wanting 150 for the hearthstone, it will take me six days or thereabouts.

In past holidays, I managed to buy and sell several of the Lovebird mounts at 270 of the currency, so I am confident that I’ll see my goal this year.

The hearthstone has been previewed on Icy Veins in a screenshot. It has giant hearts and you are shooting an arrow. Clearly, I must have this!

Good luck love hunters!

The Come Back

“The idea of the extreme makeover is disturbing.”
Janice Dickinson

The Come Back

About ten years ago I was at a fast food restaurant called Popeyes. It’s fare is fried chicken. While at the counter, a customer came up next to me and showed the cashier her chicken, it wasn’t cooked inside. I was grossed out. I’ve never been back. Popeye’s lost a customer.

This kind of stuff happens, I imagine, to everyone. Enthusiastic about something, one cheerfully moves along until betrayal. Now, if you knew in advance that these kinds of things can happen, I think that you could get over it.

Our World of Warcraft has lost customers. Players were once happily playing along. Do you think that they felt betrayed when they left? Players play for a lot of reasons, it is not always a question of faith and belief in the company, I realize that.

My question is: how do you get them back?

I’ve never been back to Popeyes. To tell the truth, I don’t go to KFC either. The whole idea of fried chicken grosses me out. I once loved it! By the bucket!

Things can be fixed like Azerite Traits. Can mistakes be remedied after burning down our tree or a rough first raid?

Drug dealers give away their product to start. They get ’em on the come back, that’s what it is called; “the come back”. In some ways WoW is addicting but once you’ve beaten the addiction and walked away, why would you ever come back?

I think that WoW needs a make-over. Our mental image of WoW right now has been sullied perhaps. Not everyone, for sure, there are lots of happy players like myself. But when I do think of raiding, for example, it is coupled with two hours of gathering consumables for every one hour of raiding. In other words, I’d never recommend this game to my sister even as I personally enjoy it.

The perception is, from Legion, that you have to constantly invest in your character every day to keep up with the pack. Do you agree with that perception even if you don’t personally experience it?

The automakers in the United States had a problem a few decades ago. They put out cars that were crap and fell apart. The buyers lost faith and bought foreign, many still do. They had to do a complete make over starting with a higher quality product and then they had to change the perceptions of the customers. They are still at it today, trying to regain the customer’s trust; mostly by doing commercials bragging on awards.

I wonder if, when you married me, that if you knew in advance that I’d not be faithful, would you stay?* Expectations are powerful things.

I think that Blizzard has to change the perception of their game.

*Purely a rhetorical question. I am faithful and true.


Patch 8.1.5 – on the PTR

“Time travel offends our sense of cause and effect – but maybe the universe doesn’t insist on cause and effect.”
Edward M. Lerner

Patch 8.1.5 – on the PTR

Two expansions ago, I had a raiding buddy who would team up with me to do the mythic version of the dungeons for the gear upgrade tokens; Marks of Valor or some such. Because the mythic version of the dungeon might RNG drop a piece of gear that was as good as raiding gear, we would target specific dungeons.

We did this on two characters apiece. Our tank/healer combo was so over-geared that we’d put it up on the Pug board with auto-accept. We ran and ran these dungeons; a lot. There was also a challenge mode (?). I don’t remember but we did a super hard run through Skyreach every week with special mob skips and nuanced pulls with traps and stuns and baiting damage areas.

So, with Patch 8.1.5; we will see the return of those dungeons with Time Walking:

Warlords of Draenor Timewalking
Check out six memorable dungeons:
Bloodmaul Slag Mines
Iron Docks
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

I know that it was two expansions ago, but it almost feels too soon. We farmed those dungeons and it still feels a bit fresh if not ripe.

How about you? Does it feel far enough in the past to merit a nostalgic walk through time?