Gold and Lull

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics”
Mark Twain

Gold and Lull

Here we are in early December and it is lull time. Our gatherings for raids have stopped and there is only one guy I talk to once or twice a week on Discord, usually about movies.

And that is fine. It is nice to ease back some (or a lot, really) and dither about in Azeroth. I’m following the news and see that the AH mount won’t be available in the next expansion. I bought mine around October 3rd, 2018. It is great to have as a mount. Thinking back over the last year, the most fun has been giving people rides. Everyone likes a ride on this huge beast.

Classic has slowed down for me too. A friend said, “the closer you get, the farther you are” meaning that the upper levels take a long time to get.

And I don’t always want to quest but I always like making some gold when I’m waking up in the morning over coffee.


Wrathsome is my bank alt and does the leg work. My other toons get some chump change to carry about.

It is little bits and pieces that add up a lot. Fishing for stonescale eel and also fishing for the mithril trunks give stacks of things that really sell.


So, at this moment, my characters are very well geared but not doing a whole lot.

Relax in Azeroth, that’s my motto!

The Commons in Iron Forge

“If the wolf is rabid, it matters not who rides it. Sooner or later, the beast will bare its fangs.”
Tyrande Whisperwind

The Commons

I have used their Suggestion Box in game to encourage a meeting place in future expansions like The Commons in Iron Forge. Lots of room, plenty of warm light, it is a great place to show off your stuff.


Look at this screen shot from yesterday in Classic! I love a busy place in the game.

I think of that narrow sidewalk in Boralus by the mail box that is in the shade. So much of this game is showing off your tmog or favorite pet and your pride in the game. The design needs to offer that, I so believe.

I know that The Commons is popular for many reasons including that it is sort of the middle of the game on the map and so makes for a good spot to set your heart. The AH and the bank are close together and so on.

With a name like Shadowlands it is unlikely that we’ll get a grand meeting place with warm light and a ton of real estate. But, one can hope!


Ding 300 gold in Classic. My hunter is 44 and my druid is 30. Gold making is part of the game judging by the worries of fellow players. I don’t know, I go shopping all of the time and think little of buying gear or recipes off of the AH. Fishing is the key until you ding up in the 50s to farm Feralas or the Western Plaguelands.

Last Sunday, a week ago and my how time flies, our raid team did Heroic Stromgarde. What a relief to band up and do anything!

Still playing every day, how about you?

WoW: Pet Battle News

“Some of the best people I know are fools. The strongest people I know.”
Sarah Addison Allen

WoW: Pet Battle News

It is new and it is being reported everywhere. Let’s choose Wowhead with Pet Battles in Visions of N’Zoth – Toxic Fumes, More Weather Buffs, Future Balance Changes.

All kinds of things like a new weather spell, Toxic Fumes. There will also be a change in the World Quest pet battles in Mech, Naz and the two new zones to do them with level one pets. And so on.

The designers will attempt again, but not in the next patch, to re-balance pet battles so you don’t need a specific team to get the kill. I am all for this: the WQs in Nazjatar and Mechagon were way too hard and needed visits to web sites to get the step-by-step guide.

Here is what the designers say:

“A goal we have when making many new pet battle World Quests or encounters is to create puzzles that players can counter and “solve”– ideally with the option to use a variety of pets and tools to do so. When a few pets have such strong synergies that they can deal massive damage in just a few rounds and almost trivially beat these enemies, it becomes problematic. Do we make new challenges only beatable by the highest damage combos, or do we make them generally solvable and therefore immediately smashed by massive damage?”

I’m not sure that the statement makes sense with both solutions offered as “massive damage”.

Still, I am of two beliefs of this.

I love solving puzzles. Seeing what an enemy team can do and figuring out how to down it with my own battery of pets is fun and satisfying.

On the other hand, if these are World Quests, then time becomes a big factor. Diddling about with a pet challenge when the slate is full of tasks becomes a burden. And, also, once solved; the game is over.

Either memorize your win, look it up on the guide site or skip it as a pain in your time frame.

I think that, if I were king of the world, that there would be a better loot system beyond tokens; maybe an odd drop that is pleasing but nothing that you would grind for in the game. Also that there would be more tamers outside of the WQ system that you can visit daily, if you wanted, to get XP for you and your pets.

Still, we have to appreciate that someone is paying attention to our favorite little mini-game in WoW.


Happy Reset Day

“Know this. My hunger for vengeance will not be sated so long as Sylvanas Windrunner remains free–and until I know why Elune abandoned her children.”
Tyrande Whisperwind

Happy Reset Day

Resets are great. One used to eagerly log in to get the LFR run in retail since the hope was that you’d find the more serious players and it would zoom right along. We don’t do that much anymore.

However, The Video Game Tourist reports that if you pre-purchased the next expansion with big dollars that you can start on How to get the Shadowlands Tmog Set. A tip of the topper and thanks for the tip!


I’ve not started but I did look at the comments page on Wowhead.


It seems that we do like the daily reset to collect the things to get the things and show off our set early. As a player that doesn’t press much, I’ll let these things come to me as I play.

Reset Day in Classic means that the servers reset. This means fresh fishing pools if you happen to be available to log in on the edge of the reset.

Classic is plagued with gold spammers. I got three intrusions into my game play just this morning. Of course, I report them.




I am sure that this is all some automated thing and if Blizzard catches and boots them that they simply make a new character. It is too frequent and annoying as can be.


I am a fan of Rachelle Riddle’s writing; always clean and in the style of a reporter.

She has posted on Blizzard Watch All of the class changes and abilities we know about in Wow Shadowlands (so far).

Of course I’m interested in my healing Druid:


Ursol’s Vortex is something that Resto-Druid already had. That spell along with Entangling Roots and Mass Entanglement have been great for raids in BfA. It feels great to have this kind of utility in a raid to lock down some mobs.

Cyclone for another lock down spell is fine, I guess. For the pure Resto point of view, it is just another spell. Sure, my point of view is narrow. As a choice for all Druid classes, I think it is fine.

I hope that they don’t design raids around “bring the class” and have us Resto-Druids casting four non-healing spells in the middle of chaos. Some fights in BfA kept us very busy with our roots and vortex.

Like a child, I want to stamp my foot and cry for Mark of the Wild. Not fair!

Playing Classic has reminded me how satisfying it is to buff other players and make them stronger. It feels great. Knowing to buff up the hunter’s pet with MotW and Thorns feels like you are supporting your fellow player in their adventures.

Adding Cyclone, while iconic to the class, is fine. It really is. But, as you can read, I’m not too excited about it.

And so, my friends, Happy Reset Day and onward with our adventures!


The End-of-the-Line Anniversary

“Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below.”
Noam Chomsky

The End-of-the-Line Anniversary

I finally did the final War Campaign quests and dinged my neck piece up to 70. I’ve been saving them because I didn’t want it all to be over.

Man, the final War Campaign stuff is really good. I got a little emotional!


It is a personal quirk. If I near the end of a delicious book, I’ll spread the final chapter out over a week and savor the adventure.

But now, while I feel that there is little need to log into retail except on raid nights, the real thing is that I need to shift to other things. Achievements come to mind, there are many that were “saved until flying” that I never did once I got flying.

I believe that our corruption and tentacles will be felt in the next patch in January. How do you prepare for that? Hang out with a bunch of Paladins, I guess.

Classic is a hoot.

The path to 40 is the fun stuff. At 40 you get your signature spell, like Bestial Wrath. After 40, the talents are mostly power fillers.

So, my hunter is parked at 43 and very rested. My druid is 25 now with a fresh ding. I feel like a killing machine on that cat but a weak questing wimp.

The Anniversary feels very good and well designed. Kudos to Blizzard and the team.

How about you, still having fun?

WoW: The Anniversary Stuff

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Henny Youngman

WoW: The Anniversary Stuff

The token which jacks up your rep and xp stacks with the WQ weekly and with the DMF buff. I’d guess you end up with about a 75% buff? This could be a good week to finish up some of the rep things left dangling.

The Caverns of Time is awesome. I bought some Spicy Chicken from Leroy Jenkins and a bunch of the 100% quick-feet tokens from the waiter. Wondering if those things go away after the Anniversary; I’m guessing so. There is a volley ball game happening.

The three Memory Lane wings are so very good. Chromie is entertaining and funny. Yes, your group can fail! And it is okay! And if some bozo wants to cuss out the raid, he can be reported. It is too fun to have some yahoo swearing at us all.

When you sign up for a wing via Chromie, it will say “average wait time 42 minutes” or some such, but it really is only 5 minutes tops (at least for this druid healer). So, don’t let that change your mind to do it at some other time when you have more waiting time on your hands, it’s pretty quick.

The pet is nice. I’ll have to look again at his spells to see if he’s a handy pet for the pvp pet battles.

Since the mount is a flyer, you have to use /mountspecial to see his animations on the ground. I like it too!

Granted, we got excited and did all of the Anniversary stuff at once. It was quick, but, in my opinion, it was a grand fun time.

Blizzcon So Far

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Jung

Blizzcon So Far

I watched the opening ceremony yesterday which streamed for free. And, I’ve looked through some of the reports about WoW and it’s next expansion. Cool.

First up, the little mini-movies were great. Diablo has all of those creepy symbols and dripping blood, yikes! Enjoying the WoW one, mostly I thought that it was more of the same. And that is okay, they are delivering the product that made them great.

I’ll be getting in touch with my feminine side in the next expansion by collecting Anima. Here is what Carl Jung had to say about Anima and he made up the terms:

The anima and animus are described in Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology as part of his theory of the collective unconscious. Jung described the animus as the unconscious masculine side of a woman, and the anima as the unconscious feminine side of a man, each transcending the personal psyche. Jung’s theory states that the anima and animus are the two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind, as opposed to the theriomorphic and inferior function of the shadow archetypes. He believed they are the abstract symbol sets that formulate the archetype of the Self.

Okay, I’m goofing a little bit here. “Anima originated from Latin, and was originally used to describe ideas such as breath, soul, spirit or vital force. Jung began using the term in the early 1920s to describe the inner feminine side of men”

We will be collecting Vital Force in the next expansion.

There is a ton of information coming out. For WoW, no boss on the box. Why are we going there? Are we even alive? I’ve not seen screenshots of the new main town collecting area but I hope it is well-lit and a place to show off our stuff — especially with the huge amount of choices for how our characters will look.

Yep, I bought the next expansion. One of the things that I got was a new hearthstone. It is pretty cool, you get a spinning/disappearing animation and then you poof back into visibility but all ghosty, I guess. Maybe full of Animus?

Pardon the Kill Saw blades.