Aquatic Brawler

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”
Iron Mike Tyson

Aquatic Brawler

Those splashing sounds are not from my pet’s spells, they are from my tears hitting the keyboard.


I shuffled around quite a bit to find a team. I missed having Flurry or Darkness, Aquatic isn’t very interesting.


Three Puddle Terror with Sunlight, a five-turn heal and an offensive spell. Sunlight stays up for nine turns and increases your healing by 50%. Open with Sunlight, then the heal and then begin shooting the other guy down. Each turn is crucial!

Sometimes I would cast a heal and shuffle my pet to the back of the deck and bring out a fresh one (letting the original heal up on the back row). It is all about survival and slowly taking down the other guy. Yep, I did win against a three-bird set where any other Aquatic team had been roasted by their first pet only. So, I’d call this a Hopeful Set.

I had a time of facing the same opponent over and over. I went an ran an LFR. It feels better facing another class team, I kind of sniff at players who bring a specialized team not based on class. Y’gotta have class to play this game!



Ulduar Time Walking

“No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman.”
Honore de Balzac

Ulduar Time Walking

The old raid is up this week for time walking. About six of our raid team put up a pug board and recruited twenty players to take a look at this new and old thing. We were super lucky and got a tank that knew all of the fights and where to go next; that made the night much better.

It is all still there.

The vehicle fight and I’m ready to play and watchers were all in place. We had a clean run up to Freya and then it got harder and harder and harder. We wiped several times on Freya and, for some reason, players in our group couldn’t understand to clear the three big guys first and kept pulling the boss.

The first hour was totally fun. We downed the bosses and got and shared our 930 loot. NB: the loot says soul bound but it is not.

The second hour raised some anxiety on which way to go, the council is well hidden. Hodir and Freya and the Cold Guy were hard but after a wipe or two we did it. Usually with just five players left alive.

The third hour saw players peeling off after a wipe, one by one. Mimron should be obvious, like avoiding a land mine, but maybe not so obvious?

The fourth hour saw us facing the final boss, now down to twelve players. You can’t open the pug board and generate new players to continue the walk through time. We wiped four times and dropped down to nine players. Finally at that point, we all said our thank yous and quit.

Four hours is a long time.

For my experience, it was far better and more fun that Black Temple. BT has so many fears and stuns and bewildering mechanics that it was a little too hard, maybe they re-tuned it after that first week but I’ll never return.

Ulduar is too big for one night. I have zero idea how lock outs work for time walking raids. As raids do, it gets harder and harder; I wish that I had a guild team of thirty but I don’t.

In all, it is a fun tourist trap and some nice sight-seeing. I have no motivation to return and finish it.


Undead Brawler

“I was a pretty good fighter. But it was the writers who made me great.”
Jack Dempsey

Undead Brawler

It took me some time to settle onto this team. I like this team. This team can beat three Teroclaw Hatchlings, the second time he showed up he waved the white flag. I got schooled by an Aquatic team; but that is part of the game.



Rattlejaw drops bones and, if he was on his last gasp, I’d cast that as a final spell. Reanimate takes three turns so you should use it pretty early. Several times I waited until I was at half health and the final health jump was in my dead phase.

Graves can consume the corpse of Rattlejaw for health, use it at half-health. The AoE spell is good for players who tuck low health fighters on the back row.

Spirit Crab has that nice shell and Surge always goes first. This is the least interesting of the three pets but can survive pretty well.

In general, offensive spells do more damage than the healing spells can sustain. Especially when you invest turns in those spells. For example, if you see Dodge then that is a good time to freshen up your own shell or to amplify magic. Or simply Pass.

Four down and six to go. I doubt that I can keep doing one-achieve-a-day! But, it is a fun side-line in the game and I’m enjoying it.

Critter Brawler

“Life doesn’t run away from nobody. Life runs at people.”
Smokin’Joe Frazier

Critter Brawler

Finished this last night while watching the Olympics!


This is my Killer Bunnies team with a solid set rotation. With such high speed, they are sure to go first. Open with Burrow, then Dodge, then Flurry until Burrow and Dodge come off of cooldown.


They are a hard team to beat, several fights came down to each team having low health on the last round. A Spirit Crab can solo all three of your bunnies if they pay attention. But, in all, this was a fun team.

My intention with my team builds is to have a set offensive rotation with no pet swaps. I want to have planned my casting and simply ignore what the other guy is trying within reason. Using Weather and spells on back-line pets is risky. And there is plenty of chance; you don’t know if your opponent will have spells that are strong against your team or if your spells will be strong against their team. No guarantees.

Mechanical Brawler

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else will.”
Sugar Ray Robinson

Mechanical Brawler

Last night I decided to play until I lost and promptly ran the table. Ten in a row! I think I faced a rookie for several of those fights.


I had a strong team.


On the eighth fight I switched to the Mechanical Yeti for Lightning weather and two Lil’ Blings. Won those last two fights with this team.

I am doing the “easy” classes first. Partially, I think, I know the spells of my team so well. That won’t be the same when I get to Elemental or Magic.

And, I’m already 4/10 with Critter. Three high-speed rabbits, opening with burrow, then dodge, then flurry; burrow and dodge off of cooldown and it is a very tough team to beat.

It is fun now because I’m getting some wins but I worry about Aquatic and the Fliers.

Let’s keep playing!

Dragonkin Brawler

“Somebody up there likes me.”
Rocky Graziano

Dragonkin Brawler

One down, nine to go. Pet Battle PvP can be tedious and rough on your soul. Having done one, I thought I’d share what I’m doing in case you are crazy enough to try this achievement. The goal is Family Brawler; winning ten battles with each class with pets at 25.


I started with Dragonkin because they are pretty tough and it was already my preset team for Crysa; the tamer over in Kalimdor. Here is my team:


Arcane Slash, Early Advantage and Fly Over on the two Bronze Drakes. Breath, Roar and Early Advantage on the Infinite.

Early Advantage does double damage if your health is below the opponent. Fly Over to avoid hits and then a straight up damage shot.

I think that opening with a S/S pet (speed) so that I can go first really helps. Most players will open with a hard hitter, so flying up can negate that first hard shot.

Waiting for these pet battles in a que is a heart-breaker. The only way I’ve been able to cope with this is entering the que while on a flight path. I am leveling a Void Elf, sometimes by visiting pet tamers; the flight from the little girl with the bunnies to Thorium Point is long enough to enter a cue and then Thorium Point all the way to Hope’s Chapel can fit in a battle or two.

Of course, I have the toy (from the heirloom vendor) to give me flight points at level one.

You will win and you will lose. You will face off against some pros and also against clear noobs; some teams are mixed and some teams are class builds.

Time is a huge factor in this achievement. Folding in the task while doing other things really helps.

What’s Your Favorite Mount?

What’s Your Favorite Mount?

And welcome to this installation of Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge covering today’s topic: What is your favorite mount?


  • According to my Armory, I have 393 mounts. Whew!
  • Any mount that I ride will be macro’d. With the minimum of a firework and bubbles in my wake but if you happen to see some forgotten puppies or the Spirit of Bashiok dancing on the road; you can bet that I’m a few minutes ahead of you.
  • I think that the best designed ground mount are the Night Elf original cat mounts.
  • The best /mountspecial might be the new fox from the Suramar quests that does an awesome scampering Figure Eight.
  • Remember that Ins and Del on your keyboard, while flying, will make you loop in the air. Fantastic!
  • Utility mounts like the T-Mog Yak and the Water Strider and the Sandstone Drake are the most called for due to function.

My Main is a Druid. Travel Form tops the list as cat, tree, stag, bear or bird. I love it in raid when someone jumps on after a wipe. But, with Dash and Swiftness Potions, I’m zipping back to the group and I’d rather you be looking at your Recap or DPS logs to figure why we wiped. It is the healers job with Mass Rez.

My Alchemist/Inscriptionist is a female night elf hunter named Feignlove. Don’t trust her. I got the Big Love Rocket back in 2012 and she’s been flaunting it ever since.

My new Void Elf is leveling and riding the Sapphire Panther. Her name is Verity and you can trust her. I like that she is so slender but easily rides a large powerful mount.

Most of my other Alts are on the Darkmoon Dirigible. I’m proud of this recent purchase of 1000 tickets. It is unique and a great flyer.

In general, I prefer smooth quiet rides. Liking the looks of the copters and mechanostriders and cloud serpents; they don’t last long on my bars.