In-Game Gifts for WoW

I kept a diary right after I was born.
Day 1: Tired from the move.
Day 2: Everyone thinks I’m an idiot.

Steven Wright

In-Game Gifts for WoW

Thankfully my guild-mate doesn’t read this page. Her birthday is in two weeks and it’s time to stack up some presents.

My first question is: what am I loaded with and what doesn’t she have? Actually that’s two questions. But that’s the crux of it all.

My first stop was the Armory to see what mounts and pets that she owns. With a little post-raid grinding I can make a Vial of the Sands for the coveted Sandstone Drake!

I see that she has a level one, uncommon, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. I’m an engineer, I can easily use all my stockpiled charms to make a Dragonling and upgrade it to rare and make it level 25.

Okay, that’s two ‘good’ gifts.

It’s time to fill up the bars, our in-game mail offers 12 slots.

I have many (many) hexweave bags stashed on an alt for when the Demon Hunter and the Gnome Hunter drops (gotta love rich alts). So, four hexweave bags.

Unfortunately, you can not gift wrap bags nor anything item that can stack. So, I’ll wrap my Vial and Dragonling.

I’m up to six items: half-way there!

I’ll sneak a Delicious Chocolate Cake out of our party tab, hehe.

A small stack of Mysterious Fortune Cards will be high on the fun factor.

She’s a Beast Mastery Hunter, so a stack of Sleeper Sushi will be welcome.

I think 100 chocolate cookies will give her the You’ll Feel Right as Rain achievement. She’s just got to eat them all at once!

Okay, that is ten of twelve slots and likely enough unless I stumble upon something easy.

  • Search your friends Armory for uncollected mounts and pets.
  • Search your friends Achievements for easy points (you may have lots of mats that they don’t have).
  • Cookies and Cakes are always great on a birthday or any party.
  • Practical gifts like raiding buff food will make their life easier.
  • Mysterious Fortune Cards now take Draenor Inks, I think, which blows and sucks if you ask me.
  • Gift wrap what you can; make it a surprise.
  • Send the mail just after midnight if you are up so they get it when they log in on their birthday.
  • Remember it’s all for fun: a simple Dalaran Brownie will do just fine.

Happy Birthday!

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