Progress Report

“Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.”
John Wayne

Progress Report

We started the Tomb of Sargeras last night just like every other raider in the realm. We got the first boss down and then wiped a lot on the second. That was all we had to show for ourselves in three hours!

Our raid team, the core group, goes back at least to Burning Crusade. I joined them in SoO in Pandaria and feel like the new guy. Still, it is like the tide with players joining and leaving over periods of time. It is all good. Our current group really wanted to start on Heroic, which is fine with me if you want to do it the hard way.

It is a “family and friends” raid team. We typically start Normal and then graduate up to Heroic. This is to make sure that we have a reason to keep meeting over the lifetime of a raid. We have a husband and wife team, we have some dads who have to go put their kids to bed (again), that kind of stuff. As long as everyone is happy and has a chance to talk about their kids, I think all will be fine struggling on bosses.

This raid is like Hell Fire Citadel. We had the Tanaan Jungle gear upgrades which is much like the Broken Shore upgrades. I ran HFC Normal and didn’t see a gear upgrade until very late in the raid. Remember that with the Tanaan gear, we could perfectly balance our stats! We are “geared” to run Heroic, for sure.

Me? This is the story of my life! If we need to wipe ten times while the tanks figure out a boss, I am there 100%. If the interrupt rotation needs to be practiced, I’ll be there for you. Some of my background is in technical theater and I understand rehearsals involving hundreds of people. When it comes to raiding, I have Healer Patience!

My healing was okay. I changed Talents a few times after a wipe. We were running Warcraft Logs and the other Druid was jacking up some big numbers. But, the lesson is: a wipe after two minutes tells nothing on numbers. On our one kill, he was only 3% above me. On our Wipe Fest with the second boss, someone said that the DPS numbers were low. Of course they are! Players have to learn when to run, change targets, interrupt and stuff like that.

I’ve been trying to think of when we had four raids in an expansion. This will be our third in Legion with Argus as our fourth. I do see some mechanics that echo things we saw in dungeons, which is good. It will be once I’ve seen it all in Tomb will I wonder if it is simply “more of the same”.

Upgrading my Legendary piece is going to be a slow process and I resent it.

When I learned that we’d be starting the raid on Heroic, I had visions of writing a guide on healing each boss. Ha! How can I describe chaos? It will get easier with practice, I reckon.

And that is my “progress” on this raid! Fun group, I’m happy.

6 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it, so nice with some insight into the new raid.
    Looking forward to your guides someday 🙂 (a lot, so get writing on them soon!)

    It sounds like a nice laidback guild, that still manages to get places, so to speak, that’s great.

    I hear you on the log comparison, hardly anything can be “judged” on wipes.

    How slow is it going, upgrading the legendaries?

    Good luck ahead 🙂 How often do you raid, again?

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  2. With the exception of WoD, the recent expacs have all had a lot of raid instances; Cata had 4 raids (BWD, BoT, FL and DS), Pandaria had 5 (MV, HOF, ToES, ToT, SOO) WoD dropped the ball with only 3. It’s nice to get back to more raids per expansion.

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