The Argus Sandbox

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”
Joseph Campbell

The Argus Sandbox

Quite some time ago, in one of those Q&A video chats, WatcherDev described that we would have a couple of “sandbox” experiences late in this expansion. In this he brought up the Thundering Isle and the Timeless Isle. Places that you can go to “play” and the consequences are not too high.

I hope that we get something like that. Timeless Isle is still well populated if you choose to pop over and visit. It was a fun place to get pets and some currency and it had the great Celestial Tournament. And it had weekly content where you could get awesome gear!

I also hope that Argus is not the sandbox that he was talking about. Argus has some of that stuff; little consequence, pets, mounts, empty currency and a nod to group content.

Argus is not a place that I’d want to return to over and over again.

On the map of Mac’ree, I see a little island area in the upper right. It seems to be a place and it seems to be undiscovered, at least by me. Maybe that will be our sandbox?


3 thoughts on “The Argus Sandbox

  1. I hear you. What makes you not want to return to Argus as you want to the Timeless Isle?

    For me it’s a pain to navigate, and it means a lot for the joy somehow, sadly.

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    • Yeah, same experience here.

      Also, the many different levels seem to have been made, just for the sake of it, to make it take longer for us to do it.

      I would love to see Argus from the sky too. That would help so much. It does feel too compact as well, now I have my criticism goggles on. But a lot of Legion does.

      I miss the original version of Thousand Needles. 🙂

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