Patch 8.2: The Hard-Knock Life

“One night I’d had some beers, and then I Googled myself and spent the night in tears.”
Ginnifer Goodwin

Patch 8.2: The Hard-Knock Life

I’m not bitter.

I’ll continue to play WoW.

The Wowhead Economy articles are always great. This week it is WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: Early 8.2 PTR Datamining, Market Deflation & Transmute Proc Rates. Wotta title, eh?

I don’t know if it is called “doubling down” or “upping the ante” but life is about to get much grindier in 8.2. Unless they change it. They will add ranks to recipes but they don’t seem to understand (to my great frustration) that we don’t make just one. We strive to make stacks and stacks.


The new flask (not cauldron) will require other flasks and expulsion and hydrocore; forcing us into running dungeons. This stuff is not account-wide, I don’t know how anyone can run enough dungeons to make enough stuff to last through two raid nights.

It could crush the soul, I tell ya.


It is the same with the new feast. Not only do we have more fishing and grinding but a new material too. Spare Parts are farmed and are a currency in the new “sandbox” zone.

But, we have flying.

I would argue that it is more but not better. We will (probably not you but me) will be grinding for more materials, a lot more. But, our base stats are always going up so the value of the buff gets smaller every day. Still, raid teams will want this.

This is the worstest most terriblest profession design that I can imagine. And it is a done deal, you and I know that the profession designers are working on the next expansion — these designs have been in place for three years already.

But! I’m not bitter.

I’m scared!

Okay, enough about that. Noblegarden is about to start, I need to go grind 200 chocolate eggs for the new hearthstone.

6 thoughts on “Patch 8.2: The Hard-Knock Life

  1. Wow. At a time when I’m seeing people just leave the game because of the time commitments in already, and now quadrupling the doubling? Those flasks will only be for those at the absolute top, and maybe not even them. Just buying up flasks your well over 15k on my server to make just 1? Not even counting Expulsom and Hydrocores. Someone is really out of touch with the majority of the player base.

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      • I’ll put my conspiracy theory hat on.

        Top guilds are not selling runs at the volume they need to cap off their coffers for the 8.2 raid race. So Blizzard is giving them a means to sell top end flasks for a tidy sum so they can use up old Expulsom and Hydrocores taking up bank space.

        TLDR: raiding is in a bad place and rather than tune the coming encounters down, their logic is make an expensive flask you only use when fighting a boss on progression to get that last few percent.

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  2. Surely thats a tooltip error? That amount of flasks/mats to make just 1 is ludicrous.
    Im sure i saw an q&a ages ago that said flasks were meant to be thought of as not mandatory, maybe this is a further push to make players feel that way.
    I’m very glad I’m not a raider in WoW anymore. Tbh though, reading these changes also makes me glad I’m not playing currently. Games are meant to be fun and WoWs current devs seem to have forgotton that in some decisions they’ve made lately.

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