Beta Blues: My Copy

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
Henri Matisse

Beta Blues: My Copy

NB: Resto-Druid; Leatherworking, Herbalism.

It is nice to finally be able to copy my character over to the Beta. Some of my questions have finally been answered.

1. The Leatherworking Stat Tent will only work in Draenor.

2. The Drums of the Forgotten Kings does work in Legion. A 4% buff to Intellect is nothing to complain about. I did not have a chance to party with anyone to see if the party-wide buff worked.

3. I visited the Fishing Trainer in (new) Dalaran. I trained so I could level to 800 but saw no fishing daily quests from Marcia. Same with Cooking (yes training, no daily quests, no recipes to buy).

4. The Leatherworking Trainer was willing to train me if would I give up some Legion skins with a note on the quest “if you don’t have skinning, you can get them from another source like the Auction House.”

5. The Herbalism Trainer offered no training. I took a flight path to Azsuna, got on my chopper and rode down the road. I found ONE herb node. It was a kind of auto-training for Legion herbs that flashed on my screen. In my fifteen minutes in this zone, I saw no other herb nodes to pick.

6. My stats on my gear stayed the same except Spirit was converted to Versatility.

7. The Class Trinket from Archimonde will work only to level 109 (tooltip note). Will it turn gray at level 110, I don’t know.

7a. My Class Trinket is socketed with a +50 haste gem which is now a +160 haste gem, as if by magic.

8. I killed a level 100 bear in my Affinity Talent. I took almost no damage from the bear, but it still took …. freaking forever. I’m in 728 gear. I didn’t time it, but it felt like two full minutes. In any case, the mob did not fall over from a shot of Moonfire.
8a. The nameplates are different. I can’t tell if I’m in range of a hostile mob. I think, in time, it must be something to merely get used to understanding.

9. I fished a couple of gray items in the (new) Dalaran fountain. They were points towards the Achievement. I can confirm that you can troll everyone by jumping on a mount and parking in the fountain. It still feels way too small in consideration of the anticipated numbers of players wanting the Fishing Artifact.

10. My garrison had no gold missions. My Treasure Hunter trait is now Extreme Scavenger. I laughed when I turned in my 100% missions and failed them all (gold missions, perhaps?). I laughed when I failed all my Shipyard missions, sinking half of my fleet. Bittersweet, to be sure.

Clearly, it is the Beta/PTR. Yesterday I tried the Character Transfer and was rejected, loading screened, disconnected and could not fly in Draenor — I ran to the next flight point but it didn’t work either.

This morning, everything was much smoother. I am happy to help stress test, can I say that I work for Blizzard now? As a rabid fan, seeing the future is pretty fun; as a studied mature adult, I’m careful not to do TOO much as I want to enjoy the game as designed.

The main thing that worries me, questing as a healer, is semi-confirmed: it sucks.

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