Preparing for Legion

“First comes the sweat. Then comes the beauty if you’re very lucky and have said your prayers.”
George Balanchine

Preparing for Legion

Players are playing! I see them everywhere in the game, from lowbies in Westfall to a busy LFR. I have to admit that I really enjoy running the LFR on my Alts because after all of those Heroic runs in HFC plus all the Achievements — I know those fights very well.

Brace yourself: it is two months until the next expansion and a LOT of players don’t know the HFC fights … at all. Somehow I thought that it’d be routine by now; silly me.

I have one Salvage Yard worker who, a few weeks ago, started doing all of the available missions to ramp up the number of crates. We know that on the day of the pre-expansion patch that the new crates will be worthless. The ones that we are stockpiling right now will have gear to build our wardrobe closets. A lot of people have rows and columns of crate stacks. I won’t got that far, I just want to know that I played the game.

Bubbles of Mischief has a brilliant posting today. It is called Battle on the Broken Isles. It is an introduction to the pet battles in Legion and very well presented. I watched the “battle for the toy” video (also made by Bubbles) on youtube. I see that Pet Charms will still be the currency. I have 3500 Pet Charms saved up for Legion!

My three Tailors will likely stay in their garrisons making hexweave bags. The new Legion recipe is for 24 slot bags, so I will be serving my community for a long time to come. I have upgraded all of my characters with bags and I have 50 new bags sitting in … well … a bag on an Alt.

My “bank alt” is a mage who is also my “holiday alt”. She didn’t get much action in WoD. However, I have saved many of those Gronling mounts and cinder pups that you can get from garrison missions. I have maybe six of those gruntling pets from the winter holiday. I hope that they sell well in a year. I even have extra Lil’ Leftover battle pets.

Our soon-to-be empty void storage bags; well, they’d be handy to store some gear that we might hold onto as we shift though choices when getting our tier sets — but a 20 gold deposit fee is pretty darn steep. I hope to leave them empty and useless.

It costs 330 gold to change my transmog set. Every time. I know that this is Beta but transmogging is looking more like a gold sink to me.

I will ding 2.5 million gold this week. This is across all of the characters on my server, of course.

I’m worried (very much so) that the design for Professions has the Auction House woven into the concept. Even herbs have a “can be bought and sold on the Auction House” in the tooltip! Scary stuff, I don’t want to be taken advantage of in the AH because I am not a savvy businessman/player.

The big news that was not big news was the nerfing of gold in the old raids. The vendoring of items is less but not by much, the gold for the boss kill is the same. Even if it were 20% less gold, it would still be worth the trip.

My intention is that when the pre-expansion patch drops that I’ll move to Dalaran and not look back to Draenor.

I realize the convenience of having bank and guild access and the tmog guys right next to a forge with a pet battle daily and trainer/vendor in the garrison is tempting — but, really, I’d rather not.


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