A Garrison Door Closes

“Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious.”
Thomas Aquinas

A Garrison Door Closes

I don’t know about you, but for me Legion starts tomorrow on July 19th.

I mostly have Night Elves because they do flips while running. I love that flip. The punishment comes with the game design funneling us through the human city of Stormwind. Tiny little humans. If I have any size buff up (and I do a lot with the Vrykul Drinking Horn toy macro’d to Disengage); I can’t fit through the door. Frustrating me over and over again.

The model for the Garrisons was Human architecture and a drag for us Night Elves. I’ll be glad to park my rather large self in (new) Dalaran!

It has mostly been tedious play this past week. The wardrobe, squeezing gold, re-setting my enchantments, clearing bags and banks have been like busy work in preparation for the pre-expansion patch.

Tomorrow will be tedious as well. I’ll do some of the Crate stuff tonight, opening some and mailing gear to my cloth, leather and plate alts. They’ll even put the stuff on; over and over again. And then it will sit in their bags to be “seen” by the wardrobe before vendoring it.

The fun part and anxious part will be resetting our spells and talents. Hunters are going through massive changes. All of that muscle memory will bind us up for a while, I have no doubt.

Tomorrow! Tell me if I am missing anything.

Step One: After the Reset, check my addons before logging in.
Step Two: Visit my scattered Alts across all realms.
Step Three: Take my main (who should have a quest) to Stormwind to do the Scenario and end up in (new) Dalaran. Woo Hoo!
Step Four: Visit the profession trainer to see if I can up my cap to 800.
Step Five: Toys to Tab
Step Six: Run EVERYWHERE in Dalaran to check it all out. /dance.
Step Six and a Half: Visit the Pet Charm vendor and buy everything.
Step Seven: Begin the chain of moving profession Alts up to (new) Dalaran, skipping the Scenario. More Toys to Tab, no doubt.
Step Eight: Begin the wardrobe thing — binding, clearing, cleaning, counting gold. Alt after Alt after Alt. No hurry; this can span days if I want.
Step Nine: Back to my main — spells, talents, terror.
Step Ten: Show off in (new) Dalaran with my fancy transmog!

That should take me all day if not several days!

Future List:
Can my Enchanter make the Tome’s of Illusion now or later?
Will I need glyphs for Fetch etc.? Can I have them now?
How insane will collecting Wardrobe stuff make me?

And so much more.

It will be so very nice to have a new “home” in the World of Warcraft; back in (new) Dalaran!

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