Raid Therapy

“An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark – that is critical genius.”
Billy Wilder

Raid Therapy

There isn’t much better than running a successful raid to help the morale of a guild. Even the non-raiders feel like they are part of a group that accomplishes and meets goals. On some levels this is very easy to do and on other levels it is like running a gauntlet blindfolded; hopping on one foot, carrying a wounded puppy.

There is some resentment among Guild Masters that Legion brought nothing (nothing!) to support guilds. WatcherDev admitted the lack and said nothing (nothing!) would be done for guilds until the next expansion … on one foot and carrying a wounded puppy.

I am of the opinion that it was a move to push RealID and to get real life friends to buy and play WoW along with the other franchise titles, all streaming on Facebook which is dumb and I hope some marketing guy works in Blizzard’s janitorial staff now.

It is a Delicate Balance in raiding. If you have 15+ who are dedicated (meaning willing to show up two nights a week), then you start Normal and work up to Heroic and maybe even Mythic — this makes it hard for a new raider to break in since it is perceived as a “carry” for a few months. OR, you take that same 15 and also run Normal and let everyone and all to join in on a blaze-fest though the raid.

In any case, a guild likes to see stuff happening. Even if they are a Solo Artist and prefer to mind their own business. When a wall of Achieves flash by showing that 15 people smashed all the bugs, it is good for morale. We need good morale in Legion.

Guild Therapy is harder now since everything has gotten easier. No longer do we party up to face-roll ICC or Firelands or to do the Mount Runs: you can solo it now and profit more when alone. It is really hard to cater to the odd profession quests required by Legion; needing players to drop everything to support someone; that is hard to do.

LFR Night should be a weekly guild activity but, in my case, I’m locked up with raid teams who refuse to move nights and I don’t blame them even if I do want to juggle wounded puppies while hopping on one foot to support a guild with a higher vision.

Like all expansions, there will be periods of Done. Players might be reaching Exalted with the reputations (like right now) and finishing raids (like right now) and maxing odd projects like the Fishing Artifact (exactly now) and capping their Artifact Traits (totally now).

While the orchestra vamps waiting for the next entrance, this is a great time to work on Guild Therapy.


One thought on “Raid Therapy”

  1. I do so much agree. There is so much that is antiquated with the guild features, starting with the basic guild list people look at to find a guild. My server(s) have thousands of inactive banking guilds formed during the Cata era that get listed long before active guilds. Even looking at shear size may not reflect how many active people are in a guild. And don’t get me started on the 1000 cap. 🙂

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