Z and Cinder’s Challenge: Alts

“I’ve got a date with Destiny. And it ain’t gonna end with a kiss”
Candace, Phineas and Ferb

Z and Cinder’s Challenge: Alts

Looking over the postings of others, I see that I play differently. Which is why these challenges are so interesting.

My Alts exist to support my Main. I think of my play-style as an Account where it is a collective serving the over-all experience. The core group are profession Alts of hunters or druids since I play them best and they need to be able to do their job well and painlessly.

I have a bank of Alts who are 100 solely for the Garrison Gold Rush of WoD.

Let’s list them.

100 and up.

  • Scaresome, 110, Hunter (Engineering, Mining)
  • Wrathsome, 110, Druid (Engineering, Herbalism)
  • Toothsome, 102, Hunter (Skinner, Leatherworking)
  • Dimsome, 101, Hunter (Tailor, Enchanting)
  • Gnawsome, 100, Rogue (Solo owns a guild bank)
  • Feignlove, 110, Hunter (Alchemy, Inscription)
  • Mockery, 110, Druid (Herbalist, Miner)
  • Elunestrikes, 100, Warrior (Tailor, Blacksmith, Garrison Gold)
  • Argusdreamed, 100, Mage (Bank Alt, Holiday toon, Garrison Gold)
  • Alacrity, 105, Priest (Tailor, Garrison Gold)
  • Shotzie, 100, Hunter — Horde!
  • Temerity, 100, Paladin (Garrison Gold)
  • Corruptsome, 100, Warlock (Garrison Gold)
  • Sunfisher, 103, Hunter

As you can guess, I made a lot of Garrison Gold in WoD.


  • Fallenpetal, 37, Monk (belongs to a friends solo guild vault)
  • Fineinn, 68, Shaman (Invasion leveling)
  • Rascal, 1, Paladin (belongs to a friend’s solo guild vault)

The need for potions and flasks pushed Feignlove to level to 110 and max Alchemy.

Alacrity and Sunfisher are parked at Ashlei and Crysa for the pet tamer daily.

The three tailors are making hexweave bags to sell or give away.

All the above are logged into every morning at reset, at least once!

Shotzie, Temerity and Corruptsome are parked, unseen since WoD.

Across two shared servers, this list mostly belongs to one guild.

20765 Achievement Points.

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