Preparing for 7.2

Inigo Montoya: [drunk] I am waiting for you, Vizzini! You told me to go back to the beginning… so I have.

Preparing for 7.2

Can we prepare for this upcoming patch?

Clearly we need Pathfinder, Part One to continue into the next phase of Part Two and our goal of flying in Legion. It has to be a priority with its quest chain and needing Revered with the new faction. I dare to say that the new World Quests in that zone will be farmed on a six hour rotation (for rep).

Our weapon Artifact is linear. Where ever we are with that is where we stand. Follow the exclamation marks and do the quests.

I seem to remember reading, and now can not find proof, that our Order Hall campaign will need at first 20,000 resources and that the follow-up is 30,000 resources. Assuming that is the case, we can do our best to farm them now-ow-ow.

It might be time to clean up your addons. Questing, raiding, leveling, professioning and all that stuff might have lured you into amassing addons that are not so interesting now.

One might consider stacking up some Barding pieces so the mobs can not yank you off of your mount. Re-assign your bodyguard again if he’s been retired to the mission board. Bear Tartare might come in handy. It will be “back to the beginning” for questing and exploration.

Squirrel! Oh look, our Appearances tab will be updated to include sets. I will resist (how can I?) the urge to run Firelands, Molten Core, ICC and the rest to complete my sets. The addon TransmogTokens will be popular.

Wowhead guesses March 28th (I have a dentist appointment) or April 4th for the patch to drop. It is all speculation or educated guesses. I was trip-tropping through the data-mining sites to see if there was an announcement today: no luck.

How else can we prepare?

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