One Frustrated Druid

“Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.”
Robert Benchley

One Frustrated Druid or I Am The Cake

I think everyone gets frustrated with their character from time to time in the World of Warcraft. Either you stick with your character because of the colossal time invested in that class or you jump to another who is “king of the hill right now” like all of the Death Knights in WotLK or the spike in Warlocks in Pandaria.

The first instinct is that it is not your fault and that could be true. Look at the massive wholesale changes to Feral Druid in 7.3. I would conclude that the class designers are swamped and have been for years. These changes should have happened years ago.

One can also suspect manipulation behind the scenes. Historically there have been too many Hunters, especially Beast Mastery. So, they get nerfed or neglected; this class was in horrible shape when Legion launched and that is inexcusable.

My frustration with the Druid healing class is two-fold. One; I don’t understand the intention of the design, and two; the idea of “being competitive” is counter to the gestalt of healing an encounter.

The intention of design mystifies me. The top two Legendary pieces are the Shoulders and Velen’s Trinket. Let me paste their recipes:

Equip: When your Rejuvenation heals a full health target, its duration is increased by 3 sec, up to a maximum total increase of 9 sec per cast.

Increase all healing done by 15% and causes 50% of overhealing on players to be redistributed to up to 3 nearby injured allies, for 10 sec.”

Both of these most powerful pieces encourage the healer to heal players who are at or close to full health — and that does not make sense to me. In fact, the forums tell me that to get the most out of my Shoulders that I need to pre-cast heals before the fight begins.

Healing players at full health can’t make sense to anyone but it is clearly in the design. To max out the result, one uses Germination to get yet another heal on the same player. This is massive padding to the raid and to a point it is a good idea to have the raiders ticking when damage comes in but working to have these up 100% of the time is the paradigm of the Legion design supported by the Druid Mastery design.

The idea of being competitive is a nasty one. I think that if you wanted to compete that you should have rolled a Mage or some pure DPS class.

I can’t compete with a Holy Priest. I can’t do it. Not with numbers on a chart.

The other side of the coin with competition is whether the job is getting done. I think that it is getting done. In fact, I think that too many players rolled a healer in this expansion — because the long cues for DPS is demoralizing and painful. Really, that is a major reason why we have so many healers.

With the transition to T20, the Nerf of the Druids will hopefully be complete. No more, please.

I have to convince everyone that will listen that Druid healing with HoTs is the foundation to raid healing and the Holy Priest is adding icing to the cake. Everyone loves the frosting but it is the cake that supports it.

4 thoughts on “One Frustrated Druid

  1. Since I do not raid, I have no experience first hand with what you speak of, but I can relate to where you are coming from.
    Again, it seems to boil down to the use of those charts, and the readers lack of ability to “crunch the numbers” on it.

    “Everyone loves the frosting but it is the cake that supports it.”, is a great way to describe it.

    Are people “up there in the raiding environment” still preferring the class that brings the “top numbers”?

    About time to see changes to Feral indeed! I hope it will make it less complex.

    Oh, I like the cooldown to Prowl added for us too 🙂


  2. I know my wife struggles on her Resto Shaman, some classes work best at keeping everyone capped off like you say. She only sees benefits when everyone is low on health.

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