The Boon of the Nether

“having nothing to struggle against
they have nothing to struggle for.”

Charles Bukowski

The Boon of the Nether

The Boon of the Nether is a shoulder enchant that is bought for 50 Curious Coins. It is an enchant-for-all-trades and you will find bags of gems, cloth, ancient mana, fish, meat and herbs as you quest about Legion content.

If it wasn’t for the shoulder enchants, I might start skipping the looting of trash. I know, I know, that kind of thinking is treasonous in WoW. Once upon a time, it was one of the major ways to slowly make gold. My experience in Legion says that much less so now but since I have the shoulder enchant, might as well click. Hurray for AoE looting, eh?

The Comment Section on Wowhead says that you can buy the Boon of the Nether, enchant your shoulders and then refund the item and get your coins back. Go for it, if you want. Somehow, I couldn’t do that and my little diamond-shaped boon token sits in my bags.

Early in Legion, the Curious Coins were impossible to find. Blizzard messed that up big time and may have paid the price because now many feel that they are much more precious than they need to be. And, because of that, many in my guild don’t know where to find the vendor with his rotating goods for sale.

One thing I’ve learned while playing this game is that, for so many things, you can’t do it wrong. There are so many different ways to play and reasons to play in this huge game that you can spend your time however you like. By golly, you might even decide to take a tour of the Eastern Kingdoms on a ground mount from North to South.

The Harvester enchant seems to be the best for gathering mats for the Lavish Suramar Feast and most of my Alts have this one. Today, I’ll try the Boon of the Nether because I can buy it and it is part of the game!

2 thoughts on “The Boon of the Nether

  1. /Holds onto Boon of the Zookeeper (if thats the right name) My Pet charms…My precious…

    Thanks you though, didnt actually know you can use those coins for something beneficial 🙂 I havent even checked how many I have, they seemed to be so rare.

    AoE looting indeed. One of the things I would really miss if a Vanilla server would ever be made. Especially when farming old raids and dungeons.

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  2. Woa, thanks for the link to my post in your blog… I feel so honored *blushes* It’s true that WoW is HUGE! You can have a lifetime of fun in there 🙂

    Your post reminds me to check up on my coins though… there’s always so much to do in the game that I sometimes forget the existence of things like that. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

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