Copy of Daglop’s Contract Macro’d

“Let’s see, what can I have you do today…”

Copy of Daglop’s Contract Macro’d

Leaving your toys in the chest, getting dusty, is a shame. Let’s macro our favorite toys to common clicks while we are playing.

Copy of Daglop’s Contract
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: The blood glows from time to time, allowing you to call… no, “request” that Master Daglop pay you a visit. (2 Hrs Cooldown)
Requires Level 98

Quest: This IS In My Contract.
Zone: Azsuna

Daglop is an imp with whom you sign a contract in blood during a short series of quests. Using the toy will call this demon who will ride you so hard that he claims that his arms are getting tired.

Highly animated and on fire and leaving a trail smoke, this is a fun toy. He lasts for five minutes with a two hour cooldown.

My examples are with movement spells, the Aspect of the Cheetah for my Hunter and Displacer Beast for my Druid.

#showtooltip Aspect of the Cheetah
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Aspect of the Cheetah


#showtooltip Displacer Beast
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Displacer Beast



Yep, you are Daglop’s lapdog.

4 thoughts on “Copy of Daglop’s Contract Macro’d

  1. Haha, that is too awesome, It is so great, how toys just work in all our forms these days. I can remember back when almost nothing would work. Thanks for the idea 🙂 Wooot for screenshots!

    Seriously…2 hour cooldown. Why…

    Liked by 1 person

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