The Crucible and You

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!”
W.B. Yeats

The Crucible and You

About a month or so ago, I was in a raid with a Mage. This Mage had this toy …

The toy was a tiny flying saucer for your pet to ride upon. Well then. I had a Mage, she was a level 100 bank alt and holiday toon; a-porting people around and such.

Know well, dear readers, that I don’t know how to play a Mage. This Mage leveled to 100 doing pet battles and had some 500 gear on; I don’t know from where. So, lets keep an eye out for some Assaults that have single-target bosses!

It is a slow long project, a side project for when I remember to do it. I need to do the Mage Hall campaign and the Mount campaign to get my coveted toy: this flying saucer.

I love projects in WoW, going through this entire process for a toy is a hoot.

Yesterday, a dinged 110! By this time I had two Dauntless pieces and four Unsullied pieces and two Unsullied trinkets and one Unsullied relic. My ilevel is 800, right now! I did the open the Broken Shore scenario without blinking … ever.

The Crucible and the quests on Argus on my Main have given a huge boost to my new fresh Alt. Well done, Blizzard.

For my Main, the Crucible is not-very-fun.

According to Icy Veins:

2. Tier 2 Upgrade Priority

  • Master of Shadows (+4.5 item levels);
  • Refractive Shell (+3.5 item levels);
  • Light Speed, Infusion of Light, and Secure in the Light (+3 item levels);
  • Shocklight and Murderous Intent (+2.5 item levels)
  • Light’s Embrace (+1 item level);
  • It is worth noting that Shadowbind and Chaotic Darkness are both worth 2.5 item levels as well, but only when doing DPS, and so they are not recommended.

A four ilevel boost to my weapon is not very much. It almost doesn’t feel like it matters. I know that in the end will the whole thing is cooking (a long time from now) that it will all add up to something but today, it is pretty ho-hum.

Isn’t it odd that they measure these spells in terms of ilevel? I’d’ve thought it would be something like 3% boost to healing throughput, or something like that.

If you are curious, the Crucible spell: Shocklight showed up under buffs on Warcraft Logs. If you want to be amused, scroll down to see that I used three different toys during the fight (it doesn’t show the Stackable Stag, I don’t know why).

My stress level is so low on the Crucible.

Relax, go fishing!


4 thoughts on “The Crucible and You

  1. I unlocked it last night. I was Concordance 8. I thought ok, let’s get some boosts, and just got the first row. I am on 3.5 billion AP level. Even with outrageous multipliers it will be longer than I care to work on content before I ever see it complete.

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  2. That thing will just be something I won’t even bother with, hah! Slowly I’ll unlock it all, and that’s fine 🙂

    Wow that is one neat toy! Had no idea…I have a Mage… Hmmmm!

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