The Return of the Candy Bucket King

“The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world.”
Lao Tzu

The Return of the Candy Bucket King

When Mists of Pandaria dropped on midnight, many years ago now, I had done my research for the first time in WoW. There would be a new gold sink mount, the Grand Expedition Yak sold way up in a place called Kun-Lai Summit. For an amazing 120,000 gold; it was a three person mount and had Reforging!

I saved my gold at the end of Cataclysm. I plotted and planned. My hunter tamed a Water Strider from Zangermarsh so that I could ride on the water on my chopper mount. When we finally landed in Pandaria, I was going to ride around the land mass all the way up North avoiding all the higher-level mobs! And then, take a Hell Ride burning past all of the enemy in search of the vendor for this mount. Day One, Hour Two; I did it.


Feeling very brave, I kept going south and found a wall. I made it up to the top of the wall and ran around until I could jump off inside the wall. Another Hell Ride through angry mobs and I had my hearth set at the Shrine. Ready to play Pandaria!

Collecting Tasty Treats these past few days has been one full of warm nostalgia for the World of Warcraft. Flying over Northrend brought me many memories and an appreciation for the artwork; remember that icky forest full of spiders? Ew!

Using the addons, I chose to fly “by hand” and ignore the Flight Points next to almost every Inn. On my Druid, I can bypass the “trick” that stalls you for 40 seconds, hopping around as a frog — I wonder if the Magic Broom does the same?


The toys are hilarious, extra points for the Horse’s Head toy which is excellent. Naxxy is a special pet with ravens flying around the tower and, occasionally, the lava will spew out to the ground and spread on the floor. Really nice animations. My Naxxy is only level 12 Undead but I look forward to using it in battles in the future.

I also worked on leveling my Warrior using the bonfire buff of 10% to XP. The buffs that you get stack up and are worth paying attention to: I liked being a spider and seeing my front legs wave about weaving the magic of portalling to Dalaran.


There is plenty of speculation on Expansion 8.0. Having taking a Nostalgia Run as the Candy Bucket King, I believe we need another new land as unique as Pandaria and Northrend. The Broken Shores are cramped and tight by design and I thank the designers. But, the next expansion needs expanse!


One thought on “The Return of the Candy Bucket King

  1. Aw yes. That is what these events are really good for, remembering all the beautiful zones, that all hold so many memories.
    I agree. Less compact environment in the future, please.

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