WoW: Classic Vanilla

“It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.”
Frank Zappa

WoW: Classic Vanilla

Everytime that I logged into WoW yesterday, I got a whisper, “Hop into Discord, we need to discuss Blizzcon”. Different people at different times, it was great! Much fun and speculation and confusion of the best kind.

The biggest question is, “how classic is classic?” My friends all played vanilla but I didn’t. I told them; no Auction House, no Crossroads chat, no guild bank because I think that was added later. They told me I was wrong and that is fine.

I also told them that I’d like to level up to, say, 30. I was shouted down! They told me Vanilla sucked! Nonetheless, I would love (love) to see my Auberdeen again. I’d love to see Ashenvale when it is not on fire. To do that, I’d gladly run, run, run because I’d have no mount until level 40 — in Desolace probably.

Knowing what is happening in the new expansion, I do want to remember that I’m a Night Elf and that I leveled in Kalimdor. That will all be gone, gone.

My friends also shouted down any improvements. No upgraded graphics, mish-mash gearing, clumsy talent trees, fewer flight points: it felt like they wanted to the lovers of Classic to be punished for their desires! My amigos have cold-hearts, I tell ya.

Still … I sucked as a hunter for months and months. Big Red Kitty began blogging and I started to understand pet aggro on multiple mobs and it changed my game! I know better now “how to play” and I think I’d have a fine time for a while. Maybe to level 30. Then back to “real” WoW!

What do you think, will we get it within two years?


4 thoughts on “WoW: Classic Vanilla

  1. Aw cold hearts indeed! Within two years…Tough to say. I think it depends on the next expansion and when that is out. There are probably some psychiatrists pondering when it’s the right time for maximum gain.

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  2. I don’t think it will be Vanilla Vanilla. I think it will be classic, but some things will be improved. Graphics certainly, characters. As far as streamlined questing? Not sure. I suspect they may try to do zone scaling to level to keep it relevant. There’s a lot from back then that I would not want back, but it may be interesting

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  3. Found a link to this post in MassivelyOP … i’m expecting Blizzard to make Classic faithful to the old game, and honestly i want that, no QoL features from BC or other expansions, this is not nostalgia for me, i never played the game in the old days, and Blizzard said they want to preserve the game as a part of video game history, so it will be like old classic, but without bugs and server crashes (hopefully :-))

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