Squirt Alert

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”
Willy Wonka

Squirt Alert

I found the Squirt the Wandering schedule on Warcraft Pets. It carries us up to June.

I’ll be looking forward to this April 14th.

Looking around, I found that the old strat was nerfed? That would kind of suck.

I do have a Nightshade Sproutling. It is not S/S, it is P/S and I’m going to have to hope that it works. Getting the first shot in with Blind looks to be important. I might even go back (ugh) to my garden in my garrison this week to try for another breed.

There are other strats on that forum thread. The deal will be learning the strat well enough that it is automatic even if it is a little complicated. The tamer is right there to free health-ups.

3 thoughts on “Squirt Alert

  1. Ooh, right, US and Europe differences.

    Do you get super this time around!? Happy Pet levelling 🙂

    Wait, what, the old strat was nerfed? Which one? It seemed fine to me, the one you gave me.

    How does your pet collection look these days? 🙂

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  2. Really! If the old strat worked, then we are all good. I was just reading about a S/S Bronze Drake and Widget the Departed.
    My collection is okay: I want the Droplet from the Siege of Org raid off the Sha — Dreadful Breath!

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  3. Yeah – at least I think so! It seemed safe too – Tyri staying in the back and no AoE, so I could carry a level 1. Ah yes, Dreadful Breath. Pain in PvP at times. But sometimes easy to counter because the pet is “stuck” for 3 rounds. Good luck! 🙂

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