First Kills and Loot

“I care. I care about it all. It takes too much energy not to care.”
Lorraine Hansberry

First Kills and Looting

I think that the first kill on a raid boss or dungeon boss should give us gear. It won’t keep us from coming back and would reward us for that first difficult task. We have all experienced raid runs where we don’t get anything or don’t get an upgrade. Farming for tmog pieces is a part of the game and we could use some small relief.

This late in the expansion, our team has yet to down Coven and Aggramar. They are tough fights and the Coven has some RNG that can drive you nuts. Downing that boss for the first time will be very satisfying. Still, the reward will probably be 39 gold.

I think that the first kill should be more rewarding.

I was doing Bears Behaving Badly. My amped-up hunter was blowing through those poor bears. I stopped to loot even though there is nothing, nothing at all, that I could want. My mission board gave me 2000 gold and the 2 gold off of one bear felt unnecessary.

Even with AoE looting, I begin to question whether we should bother to stop and collect. I’d rather do some dedicated farming for Fatty Bear Steak and collect big stacks than shuffle small amounts and sift through my bags after every event.

I’m still looting because skinners can not skin if the loot is left on the dead mob. This should change (maybe it has changed and I don’t know) so skinners do not have to rely on me to pick up some worthless broken ring. Like a sense of duty to be a good gamer, I guess?

The days of earning gold by looting everything as an avenue are mostly gone. We get gold from many other ways including the kill, not the loot.

So … are you still looting? I am but am questioning it a lot.

4 thoughts on “First Kills and Loot

  1. It sure would have been nice if my first LFR kill of Gul’dan with Kamalia the other day had given me something Moggable instead of just gold and an augment rune!

    I still loot just about everything. Partly it’s habit. Partly it’s because Kamalia is a skinner and I always feel like it’s such a waste when she comes across an animal corpse that she can’t skin because it hasn’t been looted. Partly it’s because I can’t be bothered to play the AH, and so I still feel like every coin counts. When I’m running around in old content, though, I’ll only pick up stuff if it vendors for at least a gold. I’m always a bit amused — and feel a bit bad for the poor vendor — when I go to repair and vendor stuff at the end of a questing session and the greys and whites I vendor return more money than I spent on the armor repairs.

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  2. I loot….everything xD
    It’s what I call “Fallout style” (named after my favourite Fallout gameplay where you loot everything that isn’t bolted down). Coppers make Silvers and Silvers make Golds ^^

    I will be selective with loot if my bags are full, or if I’m farming transmogs/mounts/etc, since sometimes I have limited time to play and decide to farm something so I can’t pick up every single thing.

    Also, with 7.3.5 there are so much more world drops.. I’ve picked up so many new appearances 😀
    And then there are those items like books and such that I love reading

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  3. That would be a nice idea, especially with all the effort you put into the kill.

    Funny you mention looting – last night I was doing content in Draenor for a bit, and noticed I didn’t loot it all – I just left it there. I don’t normally, but it sure is a bad habbit I want to be more aware of!

    A shame, how things have changed, really.

    I liked it back when I felt lucky, that someone in my Dungeon group didn’t bother to loot a weapon, because it was of grey quality. I grapped it for myself! And inside I thought to myself “Tihihi, it might be grey, but he has no idea it is worth over 1 gold!”- Hah. Good times.

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  4. I’m old school enough to where I still loot every single thing that I can. Sure, it fills up my bags sometimes but that’s why I got the Yak from Pandaria – helps me get rid of “junk” on the fly and I can keep going. Running hunters as much as I do, I always loot and if I don’t need the leather, I leave the corpse for someone else. Silly old-fashioned playing style has paid off in a lot of ways for me. 🙂

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