Hydrocore – The Disappointed

“It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hydrocore – The Disappointed

Hydrocore is a nasty little crafting reagent only available off of the final boss in a Mythic dungeon.

This is exactly the thing that we were complaining about in Legion.

A tailor will need fifteen(!) of these things just to craft a pair of pants.

The new 32 slot bag will need three at rank one but eventually (only) one at rank three. The new bags will be precious indeed.

And, you need one to craft the Mystical Cauldron, which thankfully continues to be bind on account. This is a consumable!

If my main is raiding, lets say in the excitement of a new expansion, four nights a week; my alchemist alt has to run four mythic dungeons a week. Plus four daily cooldowns to transmute Expulsom, another crafting reagent.

Really, it is a-okay with me to play my alt to level up alchemy, gain the rep and learn the recipes. I am disappointed that my alchemist is trapped into running the same content over and over to farm a single item.

Crappy design, crappy game play.

8 thoughts on “Hydrocore – The Disappointed

  1. Oh. Um. Well. Guess I won’t be making the new bags, then. Nor crafting the highest tier of the new craftable gear, neither — though I hope that the lower level or two of the new craftable gear will not require quite such nonsense.

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  2. *shrug* I’m not crafting this stuff then. Either buying the transmogs at AH or doing them an expansion later. Yet I worry how much more stuff will be shoved as obligatory into mythics, especially considering lore and quests.

    I’ve succesfully avoided mythic dungeons throughout Legion, planning the same in BfA.

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  3. I don’t like it very much. I like questlines and well-designed side stories for our crafting and experience but, I feels to me like mythics are being pushed on us as if to prove to us that if we’d tried it that we’d like it.
    Or maybe crafters are the cannon fodder to fill in the teams that want to run this stuff, they need a lot of people playing for this to work.

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