Chill in Azeroth

“Without great writing, you’ve got a bunch of actors bumping into each other.”
Bob Newhart

Chill in Azeroth

My ilevel seems to have flattened out at 335. My goal was 340 and if it happens, that is great. I find that I am more interested in what happens in Stormsong Valley than to go across a zone to earn 125 azerite. What happens next?

And … the war campaign is fantastic, I want to get to revered to see the next adventures.

As I am now “chill” I did the Everything is Old is New Again and the Dune Rider achievements. The Dune Rider is a blast because you ride these planks of wood down the sand dunes in Vol’Dun. As you are surfing, the enemy mobs are friendly and won’t tag you BUT hope the ride doesn’t end in a dangerous spot. So much fun to do.

Healing a few mythic dungeons finds that the tanks need our attention. Cenarion Ward and Ironbark and Lifebloom with two Rejuvenations seem to always be cooking. I’d prefer to use Flourish for an on-the-run cooldown but Germination seems to be working better. My flip of the coin lands on Spring Blossoms. SB is not great in dungeons or any small group (the theory guys say that nine people have to be in the mushroom to make it as powerful as Inner Peace). It is a tough call, I’d have to use Tranquility a lot more often and not think of it as an emergency heal. Through-put vs Cooldown will be the thesis for my Masters in Druid Healing. Wrathsome MDH.

My DBM keeps telling me to dispel an enemy mob. Like the mastiff in Freehold who has bestial wrath. It is the new Soothe spell! It makes sense, that dog was enraged!

And my gold is flat. No slow rise from playing the game which happened in past expansions. What am I supposed to do, grind herbs and sell them? That isn’t chill and so I’m not doing it.


7 thoughts on “Chill in Azeroth

  1. You might appreciate this. I’ve often thought, what would be the ultimate way to end WoW. How cloud you close down a franchise in such a way that all the players nodded and thought, ok, that was good, well done Blizz, I tip my hat. And it just occurred to me thanks to your quote

    Scene opens with a cinematic of Azeroth exploding with no escape for anyone.

    Fades to black


    Scene opens to Chris Metzen sitting in a recliner taking off VR goggles.

    Wow, that was the most fantastic game I have ever played. You should really give it a try.

    Camera pans over to Bob Newhart sitting on a sofa playing Hearthstone on a tablet.

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  2. Does one has to do WQ/rep grind to unlock the story, is that correctly understood?

    I love Soothe too 🙂 Thanks for the thoughts on healing, very helpful for me.

    I have noticed that as well; the gold seems to come less. Must be intentional. I hope that is the case, and that we no longer will see crazy prices for things. But that is unlikely. Oh well.

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