DMF: No Profession Points

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DMF: No Profession Points

There is hope that this is a bug. Once I had tried the Alchemist’s quest in the Darkmoon Faire and did not get my five point skill-up. I stopped. Maybe my other characters can get theirs when they fix it.

If it was working as intended, then it feels mighty petty on the designer’s part!

It might be working as intended. If that is the case, on the rationale of their new “expansion bucket” system of only needing 150 points, then it is a crummy design. 95% of all characters are up-to-date with points maxed (up to BfA) without any interest in changing professions.

How about you? It feels worse than ever. I know many players in my guild who are crafting and scrapping endlessly to get Expulsion. Serious as a heart-attack, they are farming leather, in the cases that I know; crafting wrists and burning them in the Scrapper.

I think discovery is great in a game. I think that evolution really sucks. If their intention is to plow professions under the earth so we don’t do them: why not tell us? As we arrive at the conclusion that our profession mini-game, designed by Blizzard since the beginning, after our learned well-worn paths are found fruitless – that sort of evolution in design feels bad.

8 thoughts on “DMF: No Profession Points

  1. I’m becoming closer and closer to just unlearn professions all together. It’s one large part of the game that sounds so timeconsuming, and if I scrap that (hah, hah), it will save me so many hours and so much hazzle. (But bear in mind, I’m not even level 120 yet, and all of this is based on what I read in my blogging community!)

    If I had to guess, the DMF and no skill points is intentional. It’s part of the “Slow down”.

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    • I agree. It is a little like the rep grind. It is a grind until it isn’t. The effort in our play time to level professions or fill the bar can feel like a burden but then it is done, not to be thought of for the next two years. The lack of DMF points really is trivial, it is the surprise and guessed at intention is what makes it worth noting.

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  2. I noticed that last month and was very bummed out!
    I think I am Done with the Darkmoon Faire now. There are a few more things I haven’t yet gotten around to getting from Barum and Baruma; I’ll visit the Faire to get those things this month; hopefully I have enough tickets for all of them.
    I would say that I’m done with Professions in general, too, except that I still want to level professions that make me cool stuff for Mogging — Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and, I’ve discovered, Jewelcrafting for some pretty new staves — and Inscription for fun glyphs like the ones that change the Druid Travel Forms. The other professions, though? Probably not going to worry about them — not even Enchanting, because I never remember to sell the dust I get on the AH anyway. It’ll be more valuable to me to vendor (or scrap, I guess) my greens than to disenchant them.

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  3. DMF only applies profession points to the base profession from 1 to 300. It doesn’t count to the new profession splits per xpack. It’s working as intended. The idea is that you only grind the points for the current expansion (with the option of filling in the prior if you want, without the prior being the insurmountable mountain to overcome to use current stuff).

    Though, they’re catching enough shit about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually changed it to give you the option of a token (5 points for vanilla, or 2 to 3 point BC, or 2 to 3 Wrath… etc.) when turning in the profession quests.

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