Hitting the Marks

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen

Hitting the Marks

Players are hitting personal goals and thresholds. I see Gnomecore has marched his army and is Attuned for Raiding and Misdirections is writing on the Aging of BfA and looking to Alt leveling.

There is plenty to do, of course. Still, I can look at the WQs and see little reason to do them beyond the Emissary run which, thankfully, now has higher rewards. It is less of a feeling of settled into the expansion but completion and I am very much looking forward to a new island or set of factions or a new raid and a lot more of the story.

I dropped my horde-side toon. It is typical to run that character up and see the other side of the experience and now might be the time to do it. As they have pressed the Alliance vs Horde conflicts, I have to admit feeling it some and it would be hard to support the cause of the Horde. However, in a game: story is everything.

Remembering the baffling list of different things to do and directions to go at the expansion’s drop, much of that list is checked off — to the point of even finishing the bulk of pet purchases from polished charms.

The fun, for me, is playing with friends. After spending too much alone time completing the range of things; I need to tap my raiding buddies to do Islands or Dungeons or PvP stuff. The gaming buddies are what keeps it going.

Finally, Elune be amazed, I’m selling stuff in the AH beyond my small niche. Plucking thousands of Winter’s Kiss to try and find the elusive Anchor Weed has led to stacks of Vantus Runes and Battle Shout scrolls to be sold. As I have said before, the AH is the worse PvP zone in the game.

I’m ready for Blizzcon to be over and to see the next patch!


2 thoughts on “Hitting the Marks

  1. Dropping a Hordie is a shame 🙂 How old was it?

    From what was datamined, we’ll be deliberately undermining Sylvanas efforts from within. The Honorbound faction name also rings a bell, and the fact that the major Horde’s goal today is killing G’huun, a totally evil thing despite factions, helps too.

    This is probably the best time we are encouraged to write our own stories and allegiances while playing Horde toons. My goblin girls are totally good – one happily exploring the jungle and learning about Zandalar culture, an adventurous type, the other always eager to help mend the wounds of the world. Both hate Sylvanas and despise Blightcaller. The Horde still has value as a group of nations bound by honor.

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