120 x 3

“I’m off to race around the world – a race against time and two men. I know I can beat time. I hope I can beat the men.”
Dorothy Kilgallen

120 x 3

A lot of players have a lot of Alts, I just got my third!

It really is fun to have instant world quests and a free bird whistle. A player can jump right in and begin whichever process they desire. Three emissary quests are ready to go and let’s start playing.

Being terribly weak and dying to a world quest boss happens and caution, once again, must be learned. Having a little more awareness of your surroundings keeps one on their toes.

This guy is a miner and herbalist. The intention is to feed my alchemist and a little bit to my engineer. Sadly, engineers don’t have a lot to make or have fun with so far in this expansion. I do like the belt enchants.

Three characters now can farm polished pet charms and I’m looking at that mechanical mouse with a whopping 500 charm price tag. Sometime next week, I’d guess.

Tiny Mechanical Mouse
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Drop a tiny robot mouse for your companion pet to chase around for 30 sec. (20 Min Cooldown)

Vendor: Madeline Netley
Zone: Stormsong Valley
Cost: 500


One thought on “120 x 3

  1. Congratulations times 3! 🙂 My goodness, 500 charms. I have not even begun to pet battle yet. How is the raiding scene treating you these days? Good luck on the gathering 🙂

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