Top Ten Toys in WoW

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”
David Letterman

Top Ten Toys in WoW

I have not gotten all the toys from BfA, but here is my top ten list.

Toys serve us in function, flash and fun. I’ve chosen my top ten, I wonder which toys are your favorites.

10. Anglers Raft
The Water Strider is more popular but this toy is great for the dedicated herbalist after some Sea Stalks and Riverbud. You can cast it on the run which makes it easy to use. The Druid’s travel form gives you top speed, full time!
9.Engineering Toys
Too many to list but if you are looking for a portal to any expansion or want a loot-a-rang or to shrink the world around you: engineering toys are a blast and handy too.
8.S.E.L.F.I.E Camera
Bloggers love this toy.
7.Narcissa’s Mirror
Toys are meant to be played with and I’ve spent hours having fun with this toy.
6.Blazing Wings
Classic, everyone loves to wear a pair of wings. I wish we hand angel’s wings too.
5.Mylune’s Call
Transform the world around you into grass and flowers and bubbles and prancing deer.
4.Ogre Pinata
Be the life of the party! You don’t even have to be in a party to share this toy with those around you. Stack up a bunch of Pink Bubblegum and play on.
3.All the Fireworks
Instant cast, we have several fireworks toys. It is a celebration and a great “look at me” toy.
2. Coin of Many Faces
Hundreds of different looks, roll the dice and see who you are today.

and the number one toy is:

1.Bubble Wand
We all like bubbles, I have resisted the urge to macro this to my hunter’s spells for a very long time. It is tough to resist, but I have!

Happy New Year



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