The Warlock Project

“One man’s ‘magic’ is another man’s engineering. ‘Supernatural’ is a null word.”
Robert A. Heinlein

The Warlock Project

Working on live shows, they are usually one-year projects or one-day projects or, in colleges, six-week projects. The short deadlines appeal to me if I can get several or many such gigs in a row.

In WoW, while I enjoy the long grind or the constant raiding; having a new project is exciting. I’ve been working on my Warlock with shiny dreams of taking her raiding.

The appeal of a Warlock, for me, is the utility. The health stones, the summoning portal and the gateways all help out the team. To this end, if I want to be Mr. Utility, I’ll want alchemy and engineering.

My alchemy will wait until I’m revered with the factions; until then my herb picking serves me just fine.

Engineering is a whole ‘nuther ball of wax. The toys like the Moll-E mailbox require max level, 75, in Northrend engineering. Same with Jeeves. Reaves will need a long grind in Legion content; not only questing but gather the ore to support the leveling.

If I want all the engineering goodies, I’ll spent some time in the past.

And this is where I ruefully laugh because my miner was back in Shalozar Basin. Mercy, I have mined and mined and I would need something like 240 cobalt bars and 340 saronite bars to level up my Warlock to 75 Northrend. A tiny bit less because Gnomes get is +15 start in engineering skill.

But, you know what? My bank alt with his own guild vault had 300 cobalt bars and 300 saronite bars and a whole bunch of cobalt bolts! You betcha, I’ve been down this path before with two other engineers. I’m really glad I thought to look.

This will be a piece of cake.


5 thoughts on “The Warlock Project

  1. Maybe I should dust off BenAfflock. I think I got him into the 60’s range before BfA launched. I always seem to hit a wall and end up back on my main.

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  2. Never hurts to look 😉

    I wish I was better at doing the long term goals. A weekly raid grind for so little rep gained tends to be placed on the bottom of my list, which is just silly, because it takes like, 10 minutes. Up!

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  3. Keep it up! I love my warlock and hope you like raiding with yours.

    Its nice setting some new goals and achieving them. It is a very satisfying feeling checking off things on a list and whatnot.


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