Heroic Mekkatorque and Stormwall

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
Sun Tzu

Heroic Mekkatorque and Stormwall

I have no explanation for it and I don’t believe in miracles in the World of Warcraft.

Last night sixteen players showed up in good spirits. We did Vantus Runes and feasts and all that jazz.

And one-shot King Mekkatorque for the first time! No, it was not easy, there were only four players at the final end still standing.

By one-shot I should really say first-shot-in-the-evening.

We went to the Stormwall. It took only four or five tries. That one is down now as well.

We got two pulls on Jaina before the evening ended. We just barely left the boat before we failed. We have next Wednesday and Sunday to try and get the AotC.

I had given up. I was there for the company and they are a good group. Good group meaning funny and loose and sometimes very loud.

We are not much stronger. I am a tiny bit stronger with my neckpiece at 51 instead of 50. My essence is the Lucid Dreams resource one. In my opinion we have been over-geared for a long time in this heroic raid.

That was one jubilant group last night. After weeks of wiping where we are numb and repeating the same mistakes and expecting nothing, this was a turn-around.

Well, how do you like that?

2 thoughts on “Heroic Mekkatorque and Stormwall

  1. Congratulations! Those fights are one of the worst walls I’ve seen in all of WoW. Jaina isn’t quite as bad as Stormwall IMO, so if you got that down quickly, you’ve got a great shot at doing the same with Jaina!

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