Starting Week Two

“I’m racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I’ll be okay.”
Ruben Studdard

Starting Week Two in Eight point Two

I think I am at the “d” in Honored for both factions. Past halfway but still a long way to go. Impressive how the design has kept them so even, right?

It some ways it is a shame that we are burning content because of the pressure to fly. I know that I’m doing more than normal. It is not terrible but it skews the view of why we are doing what we do.

Rank 2 Herbalism has been accomplished! It has been a complete mystery while I have been toting my Germinated Seed about with no Fertile Soil. Today I found it ready and hungry. Will Rank 3 be a week from now? No one knows if it is a glitch or a design and that is a sad state.

Ion has been super quiet. When was the last Dev Q&A?

There is some pressure on the players and designers to make this neck piece work well.


See that tiny dot over the 55? It took me a while to guess that dot!

As I understand it, we can not use the same Essence in all three slots; one major, two minor. So, we need multiple Essences and hopefully ranked ones.

But, we need to get our neck up to 55 for this new system to work at all. That is the pressure, to get the players to see and want the results to keep pushing but not handing it over right away, satisfied with the goodies.

And: we need to be at least 55 for Season Three, one week from now. It is imperative that we feel strong and heroic. Wimpy raiders, even if it is only an impression, is not good at all.

I have the Secret Fish Goggles now. Best guess is finishing this much later in the expansion, but at least that step is done.

My warlock is falling behind, waiting for flying. With no way to drop aggro and all the good things of playing a Druid, she’ll just have to play catch up — which is built in with the Artifact Knowledge.

One thing that I’ve learned, no matter how hard I push to get ahead, the more casual players (or those with full time jobs!) are only one single step behind.

Happy hunting!

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