Follow Your Follower

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
H. P. Lovecraft

Follow Your Follower

Last night I had a surprise. The entrance to the raid has a gate on it. You can not enter until you’ve done the quest line. Have we ever had a raid with a gate?

This quest line to open the gate is Follower based. Now I see the importance of Jaina giving these quests but I was clueless. So. I can’t enter the raid. Someone will have to summon me and that is embarrassing. It is embarrassing because everyone will know that I’m not ready to raid.

The desired Lucid Dreams Essence Rank 3 is follower based too:

Nautical Battlefield Training
Gain 6000 experience with your Unshackled allies.

Reach Rank 10 with Poen. (6000)
Reach Rank 10 with Neri. (6000)
Reach Rank 10 with Vim. (6000)


Nautical Battlefield Training
Gain 6000 experience with your Ankoan allies.

Gain 6000 experience with Hunter Akana. (6000)
Gain 6000 experience for Farseer Ori. (6000)
Gain 6000 experience with Bladesman Inowari. (6000)

My warlock is behind. Again I’ll harp that clumping raiding, pvp and dungeons in a Season hurts raiding because it starts too early. But, I know that it is my fault.

Just a bit discouraged today. The sun’ll come up tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Follow Your Follower

  1. A lot of people are missing the last part of the achievement to get into the raid. Personal opinion is that was a very poor design choice to force people into completing content.

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  2. Is it account-wide? Cause I may hurry with my alts then 🙂 At least with one of every armor type for starters.

    The achievement is not too heavy, you only need 6000k on one follower, or shared exp across all of them.

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    • Oh 🙁 we are close to completing to 3000 across all 3. I didn’t know it was 6000, that will take us another 10 days I think. We were excited to have all 3 at rank 3, then we saw one went to rank 4, and looking it up I see rank 10 is possible. But if a wet blanket feeling once we saw that. Finding out about the raid gating a few hours before raid was not expected.

      There is an awful lot of stuff to this expansion that is not easily figured out.

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      • Yes, I think it was rank 10. Good news is, they don’t scale follower exp as levels progress. You still need 3 daily quests to gain a level, not 3 at level 3 and 10 at level 15.

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      • Oh gawd, 10 at 10 would make me just walk away. Lol. I feel overwhelmed now looking at all the regular and world quests.


  3. There’s a way to get to the entrance without the attunement, provided they haven’t hotfixed it. There’s a cave nearby with a dark pool in it, and if you swim into the pool, your screen flashes red and when it stops, you’re teleported to the raid portal. I used it around a week ago just to see the entrance for fun and it worked.

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  4. Happy summer, wrath 🙂 Oh, I had no idea it was gated. I read that it has been changed now, at least, so you can enter without doing the quests, I think; that´s always something! Although I liked the attuments back in the past. I hope the new raid will be worthy of your HoTs!

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