Another Week in WoW

“If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.”
Mark Twain

Another Week in WoW

“Okay, everyone, good job we are now in the next phase.”

“Someone, quick push the button on the console twice.”

“The button won’t push!”

“It is an extra action button now.”

“When did they hotfix that? Oh well, wipe it up.”

“How do the buttons work?”

I think we got eight to ten pulls on The Queen on Normal. It is a typical end-of-the-raid boss fight. The group has to learn phase one, then learn phase two and so on. By the time you are wiping (I mean learning) phase three it is eight minutes into the fight, so it can be rough time-wise.

The temptation is a strong one to swing down to Heroic and start the early bosses and get some better gear but, man, it’d be hard to drag the team back up to finish The Queen.

I’d like to get accomplished enough to see “heroic on farm” but those days in the game are long ago. The bored with that kind of thing become the squeaky wheels but I always felt satisfied.

Camping Rustfeather always reminds me of a James Thurber short story. It is about a kid who is chasing his dog and then someone chases him and so on until the entire town is running, someone shouts, “the dam broke!” but there is nothing there.

I think someone stops at the camp spot and then other and then people begin to see that and think it must be spawn time and you end up with 30 players sitting and doing nothing at all in WoW except ignoring it and waiting for the sounds to change.

It is a cool mount. The drop rate is low. And it must be thousands of players blowing off an hour (or less) a day doing nothing at all in WoW but camping. What a game.

Here is a screen shot from this week. I know, I know, it looks like the same from last week.


3 thoughts on “Another Week in WoW

  1. I’ve been reading guild raid chat. Been seeing the comments that to beat Ashvane to avoid a phase 3? DPS will need to be 20k minimum and preferably closer to 30k.

    Good thing I like turtles I guess. No way I’m near enough to make the cut for my own guild.

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