Classic WoW: Day One

“Junk is the ideal product… the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy.”
William S. Burroughs

Classic WoW: Day One

This is great. The game dropped at 4pm my time and I logged in to a one hour wait behind 6000 other players! No complaints there, people want to play.


I set my clock and took a twenty minute nap and the character screen was ready for me. It was crowded and /general was lively, players are trolling with misinformation and we don’t have AoE looting.

Your skill level is daggers is now 10.

Instantly addicting. I can improve my dagger skill and be stronger. I’d gladly kill thistle boars non-stop if I can get my weapon skill up and be … powerful.

It really is addictive. I found myself yearning to get to Dolanaar so I could learn cooking and be stronger. The skinning trainer is right over there! Like a junky I was planning ahead to get my fix. Just you wait until I have a hunter pet.

The addiction is strong. It felt like I was a racehorse pulling five tons of weight, straining to take one step. Gold will be a problem. Feeding my pet will be a problem. Travel will be a problem. Ammo will be a problem. All these things slow you down from being … powerful.

It is really good. I think that they’ve done a marvelous job. The question is: will I play it. I have friends who played well into the night. We promised a guild and I don’t know how to set one up.

The list is a huge one, it is like looking up a mountain.

In my most humble player opinion, I think that WoW Classic is great and I’d warn anyone that it is terribly addicting.

7 thoughts on “Classic WoW: Day One

  1. As for the guild, it’s 10 silver for the charter, then 10 signatures. No guild bank to worry about. Decide who would make a good guild leader, figure out who has the right temperament for roles, mine will be set up

    Guild Leader
    Veteran members

    Eventually I will add in a raid leader rank if they don’t want to be an officer, and raiders above member.

    Initially everyone will get invite privileges but only officers and above can remove. Once we have a decent group I will promote to veteran who will have invite. Members will be just members.

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