Notes and Play Style: WoW

“The revolution will not be televised.”
Gil Scott Heron

Notes and Play Style

“There is always something to do in WoW.” That is what my guild master says and it is true. Keeping busy with the many things that are offered is what keeps this game great.

There are several Alts at the Honey Smasher to do the daily for the eventual Bee Mount. These are easy quick kills, especially when the Alts have logged off right at the location.

One of the things that I really like is a small thing. Players leave the critters in the area alone! You’d think at least one would troll the group but I’ve never seen it happen.


My last post said that the designers don’t nerf raids, instead they expect war- and titan-forging to do the job. Of course, as usual, I was wrong. They are nerfing the raids all of the time.

The latest includes the following, “Healer-specialization characters are now less likely to be targeted with decree combinations that include “March!” in all difficulties.”

Now, I don’t think that is a nerf so much as how it should have been designed all along! When I’m healing, I love the special status of having mechanics ignore me — that doesn’t happen often enough!

Classic continues to amuse. Now I’ve started a new character, a female night elf named Arinassa (random generator name). This is because I want to play a sneaky prowly druid who picks flowers and makes potions. With Classic it is always “just because”. There is no real motive to do anything but play around.

It is a common strategy to have more than one character when leveling so you can take advantage of the rested bonus. Hallow’s Eve is up and bobbing for apples seems better than any of the buff foods – so my timing is excellent!

Play on, my friends, play on.


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