The Joys of Fishing: Classic WoW

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”
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The Joys of Fishing: Classic WoW

I was reading the Parallel Context blog with a fun post on Don’t Interrupt a Warlock Making a Fashion Statement. It is a fun read and I like his writing style a lot.

However, this author is worried about making enough gold for his mount at level 40.

And I don’t want to call out this guy, I see lots of level 45s on the beach killing turtles to vendor leather because of a skinning guide.

Some weeks ago, the WoW Economy guys on Wowhead posted this Classic Farming video. The video is at the bottom of the page. I tried it. It was terrible for me (maybe not others). Killing rock guys so that I can sell rocks with the spawn rate issues simply did not work for me.

For the record, my main is 42 with 125g and I bought my mount the instant that I dinged 40. This is all due to fishing. Much bigger gold will be had in Felwood when I’m in my upper 50s but that is a ways away.


I am so tempted to buy a second mount. Just to show off on the docks. Bouncing between mounts.

There is a bit of misconception on fishing. The guides tell us that the Oily, Firefin and Stone Eel are sellers and they are. But the Big Deal is the Mithril Crates.

The market can be flooded with the fish because of the guides. However, the goodies from the Mithril Crates are (or can be) the sellers. Sure, you can sometimes only get one silver or some rum. But you also get mana pots, health pots and bolts of cloth. Those sell.


The crates also have gear. I have given up on trying to sell gear on the AH. I disenchant everything now and sell those mats on the AH too.

I will warn the reader; making gold can be addicting. Chasing pools in Tanaris is peaceful, the turtles are passive, you can almost hear a cha-ching when you fish up a Mithril Crate.


This is from 30 minutes of fishing after Reset. All the pools were up and no-one was around. I made bank. Try it: 30 minutes a day.


My new level 10 Druid is spoiled with all mageweave bags and a couple of Journey Man’s 14 slot bags (from Mithril Crates). She has no problem storing herbs for a rainy day.

I know that playing the game by killing mobs and questing is supposed to be the fun part. And it is, I prefer to do it with full up-to-date gear and enchanted weapons.

Play on!

4 thoughts on “The Joys of Fishing: Classic WoW

  1. What, you don’t know Redbeard? Where have been? He’s not the only one worried about that gold at forty. I do like the looks of all those treasure filled crates you have there. All my characters are fishing as they go, but I must say they tend to eat the fish. 😊

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