WoW: Dying in the Pre-Patch

I expected to be weaker with the corruption gone. And I was a little jealous of my Legion end game when I walked like a god. And now I was ready to die.

Mr. Fixthis killed me. I’d solo’d that bum before and had felt pretty cocky about it. I accept that I’m weaker now and not at max level. I had him to maybe 80% before I bit the bullet, I fell pretty hard. My AoE starfall took too long to ramp up and so on. I even tried again, cocky as ever. Shamed again!

And that is okay. I’d be happy enough to wait until other players winged in and I’d step into the fray with my new comrades. But, everyone avoids this boss. At this stage of the game, there are not enough players playing.

I can feel the pre-patch. Camping assault rares once took little time at all when using the LFG. There was a tidy courtesy about it with “ty for listing” and “gl all”. But the players who do that either have gotten the goods or they have given up. A one-hour spawn rare with a very-low-drop rate is hard on the soul.

What surprised me was dying in the Throne of Thunder! I wasn’t expecting it. If you are doing the toy/pet/mount run, you stop at the Anima guy. He’s the last one on the list to have a drop. And that dude killed me! I was shocked because one rolls through these old raids. Wotcha do is hit the Anima boss real hard and when he dies all those many mobs die too. But, if you take too long, if your DoTs don’t pack a punch and you are hoping for a starsurge, well, you just might be over-whelmed. I got him the second time though, lol. I sat up and paid attention!

2 thoughts on “WoW: Dying in the Pre-Patch

  1. That’s what I was saying! 🙂

    Too many unexpected outcomes from squishing. People report Outland gems being better than BfA gems, and 3 artifact weapon relics from Legion’s normal raids surpassing the BfA weapon ilvl.

    My experience is Ulduar bosses cannot be one-shotted now, require some few blows, and you can’t sneak past Ulduar mobs – they will attack 🙂 I’m afraid even to enter the other raids (not that I need them but still).

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