Camera Follies

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.
Martin Scorsese

Camera Follies

7.1 brings back the Action Camera! But first a message from the Devs ….

Blue Tweet
The CVar has changed to cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor, so the command you will want to use now is “/console cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor 2.6”. This value should also persist now, so you only need to use the command once.

Okay! I played with the Action Cam in the Beta and loved it for questing. It is the “RPG player” type camera and is sort of looking over your shoulder. I really recommend it and it is going to be a true feature in 7.1.

It has a lot of built in features that we casuals may never delve into, like moving nameplates to under the feet. It is really great to see yourself in action, you can easily watch yourself cast spells and can enjoy your transmog a lot more.

As I recall (this was back in July, I think), the camera distance is pretty fixed and it is fun fun fun to play this way. You really do notice the landscape a lot more, for example.

There was one feature that I liked and insist you try on Tuesday. Focus. This will be a trip, when you click on your target, your camera will sort of pan to keep the mob on the screen! Whoa.

The commands feel a bit arcane and clumsy:
/console ActionCam On

I can only hope that we can have some macro mavens to create a quick toggle for our action bar or an addon developer to make an interface that we can play with.

Let us all look to this new feature in 7.1! It will be great for questing and running about town; probably not so much in raids and dungeons as we need “feet awareness”.


2 thoughts on “Camera Follies

  1. Oh, man. So glad you posted about this as I completely missed the announcement. This sounds really promising for how I play. Looking forward to adding my “Action Cam on”/”Action Cam off” voice commands! Or maybe I’ll just have them respond to “Aaaaaaaaaaand …. action!” Ha!

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