Blizzcon This Week

“The light of lights looks always on the motive, not the deed, the shadow of shadows on the deed alone.”
William Butler Yeats

Blizzcon This Week

When a crime has been committed; the judge, jury and lawyers spend most of their time on motive. Was it pre-meditated or an accident? When you don’t know the motive and can not get an answer from the defendant (or criminal) then the media speculates; often to the worse case sensational story.

I don’t think Blizzcon will have any shattering news when it comes to WoW. Maybe some of their other releases but, in all, it should be a fine celebration. I’m happy that the event exists and that people can gather to honor the work and play.

One wonders that it might be perfect timing because everything is cooking so well right now. In other words, it is too soon to see players abandoning the game (for example). The flaws and faults have not cracked the foundation enough to make it a fragile experience.

I’ll be curious to watch the panels on professions. I’d be tempted to buy a Virtual Pass just to see that but it is pretty expensive. What was the motive to make every facet of the game weave in and out of dungeons and raids? From pet quests to gathering professions to crafting professions to lore stories to order halls to artifact appearances — they ALL continually weave in and out of dungeons and raids; which slow us down … a lot. Was that the motive, to merely slow us down? Why?

A house is only as strong as its foundation. Personally, I see the crack in the foundation in player-driven group finders in mythic dungeons. The group is too small to not be elitist on some level. As long as they are mandatory, the metrics will show vast volumes of players running them but will not show if … they hate the experience. It’s too soon to see players abandoning facets of the game.

Watcher, when asked about the 25 quest limit, answered that he was not interested in increasing the limit but more as to why players are not finishing certain quests. Well he can look at my mythic dungeon log at any time.

I’ll be reading between the lines this week as Blizzcon happens. I’ll try to ferret out the motive, the “why” we are pointed through group content over and over and over again; for everything!

3 thoughts on “Blizzcon This Week

  1. Why, Blizzard has always said before Legion that they want dungeons to stay relevant throughout expansion. They shouldn’t serve as a gear-up -> abandon -> go to raids thing.

    Yeah, it worked to the extent. Queues are pretty fast. People come to dress up alts and mains, to do professions, quests and all. The only thing they fail to recognize is that casual players like me would NOT run mythic dungeons, rather abandoning the chunk of lore or game activity. Another difficulty is NOT content, it’s a way to challenge for those who WANT challenge, and making it obligatory they’re killing the game.

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  2. Also yes, that would be the first Blizzcon in 4 years when I’m not buying a virtual ticket. There’s just no hype with Legion just out. I’m paying for the hype, the New Year/Christmas feeling, not news and videos which I could peep in the internet almost instantly in related blogs and public pages 🙂

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