Gold Rush – A Love Story

“Many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him. Something fine and rare and sterling—something”
O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi

Gold Rush – A Love Story

In my guild there is a young couple, they have a new baby. She tanks, he is a DK dps. He is going to college and is smart, funny and out-going. She is a lot more reserved. Their life will be a good one; they love each other.

She whispered me this morning, “I need your advice. How do I make gold?”

As it turns out, she wants to buy him the Feldrake off of our Auction House, a trading card mount, for the price of 850,000 gold.

She has no AH addon. She has 111k gold. She wants to buy the mount for the holiday.

What advice would you give?

I told her to get Auctionator and run the Scan feature.

I told her that she needs a LOT of gold (hinting at the difficulty).

So, she has no experience at all in selling stuff. I told her to have a Fire Sale. Sell everything (24 hour), mats, pets, cooked food. Use her Bloods to buy and sell Starlight Rose. Empty out her bank.

She whispered me later that her stuff is selling like hotcakes. She is selling Mythic dungeon runs for 4k a pop. And she is very optimistic that she’ll get there.

I worry, of course, I think she’ll get to 300k gold if she is lucky. This whole story is so sweet and almost innocent (and naïve); I’d love for her to do it.

I sent her a Sky Golem to sell. I sent her some hexweave bags (about 15). I sent her some Pyrium Bars.

At this point, I’m just watching her try. I don’t know if she’ll keep me updated. She is willing to farm Starlight Rose but the distance is far and the market can only bear so much flooding. Or she’ll undercut and not know that she is selling too cheap.

So, what should I do?

Simply let it play out? Keep giving her stuff to sell? I could give her the gold she needs! I could step back and not be involved any more unless she asks me.

It is a sweet intention and a love story and it is the holidays.

5 thoughts on “Gold Rush – A Love Story

  1. It is always nice when you have people that want to do something special for someone. I have two people in guild that could probably do the 800k in a few days, but they would really have to work at it with our server economy.

    We had a guild on our server that had an officer clean the entire guild bank out, then quit the guild. Blizzard could not do anything because he was an officer and had permission. Word quickly spread about the person, and I believe they ended up server transferring. We have a somewhat close knit community and things like that don’t go over very well. Reputation is still somewhat valuable. Anyway, at the time we had a decent amount of materials in an overflow bank thanks to a couple of people that just loved farming stuff up, so we put together a care package for them, and one member of the guild went out the next day and farmed for 6 hours and pretty much filled their entire bank. LOL. They were very grateful to say the least. We did not do it to get some special treatment or to have them owe us. We did it because it was a good thing to do. If she is getting close to her goal, maybe suggest she list something rare for 100k, just to see if someone will buy it. And pick it up. I have always been leery of just giving people money for things. If you know a few good hearted souls in your guild maybe all agree to buy a few things to help her get there.

    It is nice to read good things going on in the game. Hope she gets to her goal.

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