Battle Pet Leveling … Again

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”
Charles Darwin

Battle Pet Leveling … Again

Legion has a fun but terrifically massive achievement called Family Familiar. The requires you to down World Quest Tamers with teams made of a single type (Aquatic, Critter, Dragon, etc.).

I’m having fun! I use Zu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies and you can see the the list of pets is pretty long with over 100 pets at 25 and all rare.

I’ve had to go collect a few pets for this Achievement.

My strategy for leveling pets is as follows:

  • Take a character that you want to level, pet battles give XP.
  • Go to the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria; between the Stoneplow Flight Point and the Singing Marshes.
  • Chain pet battles to level them and get XP for your character.
  • Rinse and repeat and repeat; I tend to watch football games.

The Grind Team.

  • Darkmoon Zep 1/1/2. Open with Bombing Run, then Decoy (to protect your leveling pet).
  • Leveling Pet. Insert after Decoy and then swap out again.
  • Chrominius 1/2/1. Central is the Ravage spell which heals on a kill, making your team non-stop for many pet battles. Use Bite and Ancient Blessing to set up the kills.
  • NB: you don’t have to do Bombing Run, it simply makes it more fun.

Positive Points

  • It is a safe zone. You could have a level 30 character safely playing, unmolested by angry mobs.
  • The teams you face are either Critter or Aquatic; making Chrominius excel.
  • Families of pets can be found, like Bandicoon. This can mean five pet battles in a row without even moving!
  • You are battling max level pets for the best xp for you and your leveling pet.

Field Notes:

  • I am currently doing this with a level 103 character and getting about 11k xp per pet battle, the max xp for a quest (at this level) in Legion is 15k; I could argue that chaining pet battles will level you up as fast as anything else in the game.
  • I felt that I did between 20 and 25 battles in an hour, though I wasn’t clocking it.
  • Naturally, the lower level of your pet; the higher the results will be; the move from 24 to 25 might be best to use a leveling stone.
  • It can be a grind but it is satisfying to level my character at the same time as leveling pets for Family Familiar.
  • If you battle in the Singing Marshes proper, the opening pet is Aquatic which can stun; so skip Bombing Run and simply Decoy.
  • I’ve written before on this, almost two years ago, and the strategy is still solid. You can find my original posting here.

Find a goal and go for it.

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