First Look: Nighthold

“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”
Aaron Levenstein

First Look: Nighthold – Healing

Tonight we will have our first look at the new raid. Our team is H EN geared and we’ll be tackling this on Normal. The assumption is that we’ll work through Normal and if we can’t kill the last boss then we’ll start gearing in Heroic. Ideally, this raid will keep us busy until 7.2.

The assumption is that we’ll down the first boss and work on the second; but who knows? I will be wanting some of those Talent Change Tomes as the fights are very different.

As a Druid healer, one of my goals is to get three heal-over-time spells on many players so that my Mastery is worthwhile. This isn’t always easy. For example, on our Heroic Odyn kill last week, I had to do 30 casts per minute (warcraft logs ftw) while the Pally Healer and the Resto-Shaman only had to cast 24 per minute.

I’ve only looked over the guide on Wowhead (by healing hero heliocentric) but I see that Skorpyron, our first boss is a stacking boss! Spring Blossoms and Wild Growth and Rejuvenations should so the trick with a fourth, Lifebloom, on the tank.

I won’t know until I see the fight, but I’m thinking the off-tank on the adds will take extra damage. For the moment, I’ll choose Prosperity for the second Swiftmend as my only big instant cast spell instead of Cenarion Ward. With Soul of the Forest, I can follow up a Swiftmend instant with a boosted Regrowth or simply cast Wild Growth.

There is a spell called Focused Blast (not to hard to remember) that will cause raid-wide damage. I’ll anticipate and try to have Wild Growth ticking just before the blast.

It is progression and it can be chaotic. I hope so, I love progression raiding.

We will see! I expect a few wipes. I expect some excitement. I expect some fun.

The other two bosses are not stacking fights. My mushroom will likely go under the tanks but I’m not sure. To get my “mastery three” desired HoTs I’ll probably want Germination with will mean even more clicks along with Wild Growth for the third.

Tranq early, tranq often.


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