Burning Questions

“When you love someone all your saved up wishes start coming out.”
Elizabeth Bowen

Burning Questions

A Blue Tweet made my Druid feel a lot better.

Class Mounts
does the druid mount replace the flight form or is it a separate button?
separate button but acts a lot like flight form (instant cast, etc) (Muffinus)

Now, I hope to get the “Druid flip” when mounting too.

Tichondrius has a nasty Healer Killer called Burning Soul.

Burning Soul
2 sec cast
3 sec cooldown
Burns a random healer’s soul, inflicting 350000 Fire damage every second for 30 sec. In addition, this effect drains 77000 Mana every second.

When this effect is removed, it explodes inflicting 820875 to 829125 Fire damage to allies within 8 yards.

In general, not too bad: be quick with your dispel. BUT, if it happens at the wee bit ending of the fight, you might be low on mana and the spell has taken all of your mana reserves and … you die.

I made this quick macro on the spot last night before the raid.

/cast [@player] Innervate
/cast [@player] Ancient Mana Potion
/cast [@player] Nature's Cure

The @player is yourself. @self would have made a LOT more sense and avoided a ton of confusion for years and years. Still, this quick macro will give me anything that I have left in the tank; whether it is Innervate or a quick Potion and a Dispel while on the run.

If you see a fellow healer with this, toss her some good heals to help on the recovery. A burning nasty little spell on us healers, that it is.

Wowhead reminds us of the weekly event:
Pick up the weekly bonus event quest Emissary of War from Archmage Timear or the Adventure Journal to acquire  Cache of Nightborne Treasures which contains a Heroic piece of Nighthold loot. For this quest you must complete 4 Mythic or Mythic+ Dungeons.

I need to do that!

Peace and Burn.

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