Topic 23: Why do you blog about WoW?

“Reading should be a pleasure, not a chore.”
Joan Rivers

Topic 23: Why do you blog about WoW?

Z and Cinder’s challenge is “why do you blog about WoW.

The “why” has evolved over the past two years (is it three?). My blog started because WoD was introducing the account-wide Toy Box feature. I had always had a macro for my toys in my bags to use with Disengage, for example, but now all my toys could be used by all my characters.

I began by posting Fun Toy Box Macros because it seemed obvious to me that everyone would want to sparkle when they got on their mount and shoot some fireworks — every time. Having toys lost in their box seemed sad to me.

Those postings have been the bulk of my traffic and I am bowled over by the visits from all over the world. That is the cool thing about writing a blog sometimes, the visits to your humble site from a far away land. One hopes that they were satisfied.

Then I told my guild master that I had a blog and began posting news or data-mined stuff.
And then I wanted to be a frequent poster on the things that I’d discovered in WoW.
And then I went hunting for other bloggers!

It is the other bloggers (prolly y’all) that have made the game a rich experience for me. People approach the game in so many different ways and the game is big enough to support all those different ways. Common solutions to obvious hurdles are not always so obvious … to me.

I try to write about the things that interest me (healing, druid, toys, gold, upcoming patches) and I want to read about other peoples interest because they influence my play.

The Big Sites like Icy Veins with their guides have made the “need” for blogs to drop. But I am still looking for solutions. For example, on Iron Juggernaut I learned that as a healer that I could “go bear” to jump on a mine and that the deeps didn’t have to break their rotation or on the Klaxxi guys, my hunter could Feign Death and negate the mechanic that made everyone line up. This stuff is golden and impacts my play and I feel informed when I am in a dungeon or raid — and this comes from bloggers, no where else.

Big Sites like Blizzard Watch had to expand to all of the games, not just WoW. And we no longer have those talented writers playing my game everyday and posting their experiences.

We need little writers like me!


2 thoughts on “Topic 23: Why do you blog about WoW?

  1. Great read, thank you. I particularly like the quote “Reading should be a pleasure, not a chore.” 🙂 Always good to keep in mind.

    Fun to hear how things sort of just developed from toy blog to more 🙂

    Yeah, I hear you on that; I do find some excellent tips on blogs too; and it just seems more personal and it helps me remember it far better, compared to reading it in a random guide. We totally do need those! 😉

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