An Old Relic on Argus

“Relics are treasured as something close to the divine.”
Sarah Vowell

An Old Relic on Argus

Tuesday, September 12th, is going to be a big day.

If your Main has completed the opening quests on Argus for patch 7.3, all of your 110 characters will have access to the Netherlight Crucible. Even that brand new and tender 110 can go and get a whopping 15 ilevel bump on your Artifact Weapon.

As far as I know, this is the sole hurdle. One doesn’t need to actually have relics to put in the slots, I don’t think!

Your Main, who may have 60 artifact traits invested will get the “next row down” of choices from the Netherlight Crucible. I loaded my character on Wowhead’s site and here is the link. Find the Crucible tab at the bottom.

You can use my link (I hope) to easily preview the mechanics of how the Crucible works. Seeing the interface in action is helpful.

A global bump up of fifteen ilevels on all of our Artifact Weapons should be pretty big.

I’m not saying that things will now be trivial on Argus or the dungeons or raids. Still, I think that we all will feel the difference and that is a good thing. And not just a personal bump up, it should be felt collectively in group content.

So … on Monday, slowly begin moving your Alts up to the ship. I have seven 110s in a rather ragged path of progression; they all could use a little help!

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