Getting Hasty

“Manners require time, and nothing is more vulgar than haste.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Getting Hasty

One of the play style changes coming in the Battle for Azeroth is the reinforcement of the Global Cool Down on a spell. Icy Veins has an explanation and a bit from Watcher in DPS & HPS Cooldowns on the GCD in Bfa Alpha.

There is much that I don’t understand, of course. This change would effect every class in the game. The idea is to smooth out (slow down) our rotations, avoid stacking spells in macros and to let us see the pretty animations for each spell.

As mentioned in the article, the clear choice will be stacking Haste to reduce the GCD. I can see that, Haste and healing go together when it comes to healing-over-time spells. Really, though, will every one need to stack Haste to get a smoother play style? How bad will it be on Day One of BfA, first impressions are important.

Back before Legion, the Devs talked about wanting to get away from the pre-pot hero pull; where everyone stacked up their spells and unleashed hell on the boss. It is a very fun thing to do but the game struggles to deliver it’s visuals. Before they made it so our own spells were dominant to our own eyes, the game could drop to a crawl. Lei Shen back then would drop us all to five FPS for a few seconds.

As we have learned in the Wonderful World of Warcraft, one second can be a lifetime.


One thought on “Getting Hasty

  1. I am also very curious, and a little bit anxious, to find out more about how this will be executed. I hope it won’t include all our fun toys and what not! Thank you for the link to the explanation 🙂

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