Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

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Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

I’d have to say that this is my “current” favorite team. I have several saved in Rematch because you can face the same opponent over and over. This team is meant to go in order, the first one up stays there until he dies; then the next and then the final.


This is a pesky little murloc. If you are going first, then open with Clobber to stun your foe. Then Bubble and you’ve negated their first three turns unless they are doing weather or back line attacks. Then Fish Slap because it will make you laugh. Use Clobber and Bubble off cool down and enjoy slapping with a fish.

Zephyrian Prince
I like this guy because he also sets up the next guy. Open with Call Lightning. Then use Slicing Wind which may hit once, twice or three times. With the extra damage from the lightning weather, this is a satisfying attack. When you are low on health, try resetting the weather.

Lil Bling
You saw it coming, right? Start with Extra Plating, then Make it Rain and then Inflation. The combination of coins falling and the stampede effect with lightning can finish the fight.


Obviously you can face forced pet swaps, a control of the weather battle and a crab with a shell who might negate all of your bling; but maybe not! Having a plan for your team in advance is what makes the pet battles fun.


One thought on “Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

  1. Thank you! I burned out a tad with the PvP Pet Battles after facing the same team over and over. I agree, that fish slapping is priceless 😀 Though, I find the older version of Murlocs a lot cuter!

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