Let’s Play The Game

“How strange when an illusion dies. It’s as though you’ve lost a child.”
Judy Garland

Let’s Play The Game

Until Blizzard designs WoW differently, the water strider will be the mount of choice. Icy Veins has an article on why this is get your water strider mount week. The Time Walker vendor is in Pandaria and you can buy rep tokens. Of course, I already have the blue and red striders; I got them during their expansions.

I don’t watch streams. I would rather play a game. However, I got sucked into watching Vale_Yard recreating Stormwind in Minecraft. Using the link on MMO Champs I watched him build some stuff. This is Blizzard sponsored and I like the streamer (he is nervous with all the watchers, I think). The hourly prizes for when I was watching was two virtual tickets to Blizzcon, two tokens for Heart of the Aspects and one fifty-dollar Blizzard card.

I read Kaylriene when ever he posts. His current What WoW needs to do now or my Bizzcon 2018 wishlist is well done. It makes me think, though, that BfA is locked with its systems.

“If I Were Ion” the next expansion would drop the continual bar filling for power. They have invested two expansions worth of game play into this constant playstyle and they call it content. Ion has been candid that the fear of the WoD experience with nothing to do. I would like to see, in the future expansions, something similar to my experience when I first began playing in BC and more. There were a ton of reputations and quests; way more that I’d ever actually do and choosing to chase one was a real choice based on reward — like the title “of the Shattered Sun” or “Salty”.

I’d rather see a zillion quest lines; some short and some long with clear rewards along the way. I would like to see different colored exclamation points to ensure that I was doing the zone’s main line that we have to have with a different color for side quests.

I remember learning the way to earn a Sprite Darter Hatchling and taking friends along the way, step by step, once I learned it. That was cool. It took us all over the map from Thousand Needles to the Hinterlands (as I recall).

I love the surprises; like the quest to collect flour and stuff and then being served cookies.

Less investment in random behavior chain-jerk rewards and bar filling, please. Let us feel like we can get to a point and stop. Then decide to chase one of hundred little paths all over the map for rewards, titles, pets, mounts, rep and gold. No need, pure choice.

Let the healers rest as healers after a raid. Then I can jump on my hunter and go exploring with my trusty bear or cat by my side like I have enjoyed for the past many years!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play The Game

  1. It all started to fall apart when they took off the daily quest limit. When the most you could do was 20 across all expansions we did them and grumbled how we hated being limited in how fast we could progress and can’t we just have a few more. We have ourselves to blame. Once they saw the data that people would spend more time in game doing more daily quests, the nail was driven in. Also our complaints of “having” to run dungeons for Valor and Justice. There is no need to run dungeons to get improvements to your gear. I am a perfect example of how you can casually play and not focus on powering through any content, and still improve your gear. I’m at 353 with at least 2 pieces at 370. I could raid in this gear. I wouldn’t do great, but I could raid. We just don’t have a focus we can work on and check off as being done. Quests never end, in Legion and supposedly eventually here too reps will never end. Even treasures never end. The cycle of WoW is cruel.

    I’m not a designer. However, when the company you work for tells you in no uncertain terms that the success of the game from the corporate view is how much time players are logged in? This is what we get. It is no longer a great game people want to rush home everyday to get logged in. It’s a game we play with routine maintenance we perform on a weekly basis. When you think on it, what’s the first thing we do in a Tuesday. Go get our seals. We are Pavlov’s dog.

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  2. Very good post. I am just catching up, haven’t had time to blog these last days.

    I must admit I never use a mount. If there is water, I Orca!

    Time to hit that suggestion box. What you say makes so much sense. Why does the game continue to be like this.

    However. I struggle to come up with a suggestion for Blizzard to replace these -never ending-systems. Surely they are being made to keep players playing. The players that spend a lot of money on the game. Maybe we are not those players though? And it could be, we are just the minority. And, we are still here, paying.

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