Player Housing: Obviously

“I just love my privacy.”

Player Housing: Obviously

Blizzcon has come and gone. I didn’t attend or buy a virtual ticket. Like most of us, I browsed the information posted on MMO Champs, Icy Veins and Wowhead.

There is a lot to look forward to with fun adventures ahead. It is good to get a little preview of upcoming stuff. The roller coaster sounds fun, at least once. And the new classes, it might be fun to level up a new class from 20.

It has been written about before by many people that we are missing a “system”; meaning something to work on while we play. We need a reason to log in besides farming AP to improve our character or we need to change our playstyle and run many Alts on both sides of the factions.

I’m guessing that the next expansion has to have Player Housing in some form.

The Tillers were fun and our private little zone was sunny and full of life. We had chores to do. I felt a little sad that after I helped this poor hapless farmer that I got his farm! And, I think we should have been able to brew stuff since Tea and Beer was such a theme in that expansion.

The Garrisons were a bit cramped, especially as a Night Elf in Human architecture. I liked placing and building the different huts and barns. I think a better solution would have been to be able to pick one flour and mine one kind of ore that is used in many recipes that also need other more exotic materials.

The Order Halls were great in Legion. Even though they were limited, that only encouraged us to level up new classes to see the variations on the theme. It was cool but I would hope to not do that quite like that again.

If we do get Player Housing, I hope that once we step out that we see other plots of land used by players or at least the illusion; walking out of our Garrison into an empty zone was sad.

I won’t be the one designing it but it seems obvious to me that we need a system and reason to log in every day and we have been asking for some kind of Player Housing for a long time!

6 thoughts on “Player Housing: Obviously

  1. I still believe that Player Housing is kept for when they absolutely need it; it must be something they keep working on from time to time, polish here, polish there. That farm is one of my favorite places. 🙂

    How can they make Player Housing wrong, in your oppinion? I mean what can ruin it? It’s one thing to say what we want, but another to be more specific in what we do not want? I’m not sure myself.

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      • I don’t know if I would want player housing as much as I would love love love me some guild housing. Or even being able to build a guild town or hamlet where we can have profession vendors that are able to make anything that is known by guild members if you have the materials.

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