8.1 Arrives

“Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll.”
Keith Richards

8.1 Arrives

It has been a busy few days and I like it. I followed Jaina and Tyrande, I worked on Family Battler, I got to earn some achievements.

I don’t think anything is much different. The expansion is built around our desire for AP and we have none. So, things like Island Expeditions are loaded with toys and we now have a vendor.

We knew that Ion wanted to bring the class. I had no idea he wanted to bring the spell. They had to nerf a boss encounter because of one spell. I don’t know if it can get any more narrow and tight than that but it doesn’t feel heroic. It feels like dancing to a tune, probably a lament.


Tomorrow is the Dev Q&A. It is supposed to be about 8.1. Will we hear anything about the broader picture? I’ll be tuned in to see. I have a question in about druid healing, odds are stacked that it won’t get answered.

The best part is that I am busy! Jan. 22 looks a long ways away.


2 thoughts on “8.1 Arrives

  1. Good stuff, as usual – interesting to see how different people play the game! I’ve been dumping time into the war campaigns on both factions, which are both in interesting and different ways, somewhat broken (I had a weird quest issue on Alliance side that self resolved, but the second part of the campaign for the Horde had a non-spawning NPC, stopping me dead in my tracks!), did the Darkshore warfront once (so far, I like it, it’s much more directed and focused than Arathi) and did one Incursion (the amount of flavor that pops up is pretty nice, but the quests are fairly bland).

    Definitely agree on the Azerite problem, it really feels compounded by the fact that we won’t be getting Knowledge cost decreases until the new raid, which makes me kind of feel like I just don’t care that much.

    The Zul change cracks me up – but at least it’s a positive one, compared to the stealth buffs to some Mythic dungeon trash and the originally unannounced nerf to Azerite Knowledge.

    My secret hope is that the Q&A announces a PTR date for 8.1.5 along with perhaps even a launch date for it – the wait for 8.1 was agonizingly long for what we got and I hope that they focus on bringing that wait down over the next several patches.

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  2. Hah, what, what a hotfix! Oh, wasnยดt aware of that new Pet Achievement, have fun with that ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it as difficult as the Legion one? Oh that must be why all trainers are now active all the time? Quality of life improvement ๐Ÿ™‚

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